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Four soft paws and long, white whiskers – the cat might be one of the most mysterious animals. This might also be the reason why artists frequently make these little kitty cats their muses. The countless paintings and artworks throughout history reveal that cats have always followed humans at every turn. Many people are fascinated by their pride and their wilfulness, which are also reflected in art prints. Cats are among the most popular pets despite the fact that they cannot be dominated. In ancient Egypt they were worshipped and were an important part of Egyptian belief and art. Even today they are common throughout the world. Over time, people created different breeds so that today’s cat enthusiasts can choose from a wide variety of cats. This diversity is also reflected in art and as you can see in the countless images of cats which can be found in the Posterlounge shop. A cat’s posture is a very characteristic feature. The familiar arched back is not only their way of stretching, but also a way to appear larger and more threatening to enemies. It is often the cat’s eyes fascinate a person when looking at a picture. Always observant and wary, a cat on a print or poster is a special eye-catcher for your own home.

A Print of the Most Popular Pet – Cats in Art

The cat probably shares the status of the most popular pet along with the dog. Although the little kitty cat can be rather rebellious every once in a while, they are very popular in Germany as well. They simply are playful and cuddly little pets. A cat poster reminds of all the joy those little bring their owner. Even though they appear very elegant on art prints – in reality they can often be a little clumsy, playful, and thus very entertaining. A cat is very curious, for example when she once again tries to filch the goldfish out of its bowl and gets thoroughly wet in the process. An art poster can bring a smile on every face as well. Like many other pets, cats also have a sure feeling for their owners’ moods and like to keep them company when they are not feeling well. Traditionally, cats and dogs are not exactly best friends. However, if they grow up together, they can indeed develop a strong friendship instead of becoming sworn enemies.

Discover the Symbolism of Cats on Art Posters

Cats appear repeatedly in different cultures all over the world. The diversity in their depictions immediately strikes the eye when looking at historical paintings and pictures. The manner of representation in the Middle Ages was already very contradictory. On the one hand, cats were regarded as gloomy and mystical creatures, and were associated with magic and witchcraft. For this reason, historical art prints from that age portray cats in part, in a rather negative way. On the other hand, they were also associated with the Virgin Mary in medieval times. Thus, one can also find very positive medieval representations of cats. In Japan, so-called maneki-neko or beckoning cats serve as lucky charms. There are different folktales explaining how these figurines became a popular good luck charms. The maneki-neko comes in different colours with different meanings and is nowadays popular in Europe, too. A poster of such a beckoning cat can bring a lot of joy and maybe also some luck to your own home.