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Dinosaur pictures

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Dinosaurs & Primeval Times – Return of the Giant Lizards on Art Posters

Between Middle Triassic and the beginning of Tertiary, enormous lizards inhabited the earth from about 235 Million year ago to about 65 Million years ago. Although there were dinosaurs small as chicken, these primeval beasts are impressive due to their unbelievable size. Some were gargantuan: The largest known skeleton is 12 metres high and 22,5 metres long; it belongs to Brachiosaurus, one of the largest land animals of all times. Mass extinction finally wiped dinosaurs from the earth. Millions of years later, in the year 1853, the first models by a sculptor unleashed a worldwide ‘dinomania’. In the beginning of the 20th century, Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel “The Lost World” gave a fresh impetus to the enthusiasm for dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. From this moment on, popular literature, art and film were hardly imaginable without their occasional appearance. During the 1990s, the film ‘Jurassic Park’ caused a downright saurian fever. Many stories are about the discovery of a remote place, in which dinosaurs have survived until today. And what if they had? This question has been haunting filmmakers and artists alike. With the help of drawing, painting and computer graphics it is now possible to depict primeval animals in a credible and realistic manner. Hence, from the comfort of home, one could travel back in time to the land of the giant lizards through canvas. Suitable pictures – pardon, time machines – are available in excellent variety at

Time travel to a land long before time

If someone travelled the prehistoric world, he or she would encounter a multitude of land saurians strolling through forests and plains. With their long necks, Brontosaurus and Diplodocus would be almost as high as a skyscraper. Triceratops’ three massive horns and Stegosaurus’ tail spikes would probably send anyone running. A little later in Earth’s history, one might behold grazing mammoths or sabre-toothed tigers on the hunt. And, of course, the largest and most dangerous predator the world has ever seen would roam the lands: Tyrannosaurus Rex, the king of dinosaurs. He reigned only ashore, though, because the seas were dominated by plesiosaurs such as the crocodile-like Pliosaurus. They shared the primeval seas with various species of fish lizards, the ichthyosaurs. Some species even inhabited the skies. With a span of 15 metres across the wings, Quetzalcoatlus was a true giant among pterosaurs. Their best-known representative, however, is Archaeopteryx with its talons, feathers and wings – a direct progenitor of birds.

‚Dinomania’: Saurians let loose in children’s rooms!

With the help of life-like images of dinosaurs, fans of any age can embark on a journey back to prehistoric times. In the form of wall decoration, cute children’s pictures of dinosaur babies along with gruesome battle images featuring T-Rex create the excitement of ‘dinomania’ in every child’s bedroom. For genuine experts, the broad range of products at Posterlounge even offers educational posters of several species including timetables and size charts. Thus, all young and old dinosaur fans can let the primeval giants loose on their walls in many different shapes and sizes.