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They are man’s best friend and the favourite pet: dogs! Loyal and obedient companions, they support us, share our happiness and give us comfort during hard times. For all those who cannot take pleasure in a real dog or who cannot get enough of these furry friends, Posterlounge offers numerous art prints and posters, which show the most beautiful motives of our four-legged friends! No matter if realistic portraits of dogs, abstract images or historic hunting scenes – enthusiasts can find the poster that suits their taste. Of course, such images are also a great decoration for the homes of dog owners. These animals face us, colourful and proud, and return the affection we show them. Their social adaptability is unmatched in the animal world. Through breeding and training, dogs became tame and trusting creatures over the course of a long time. The keeping of dogs as pets has a tradition that stretches back thousands of years. Egyptian hieroglyphs as well as archaeological evidence such as dog graves have been found. A picture of the dearest companion is an eye-catcher in every room! On art prints and as wall decoration they always surround us and bring us joy everyday.

Dogs as Assistants and as Art Prints

Our four-legged friends are not only our constant companions - they also fulfil important functions in society. As guide dogs for the blind they are indispensable. They are specially trained to completely assume control over the blind peoples’ orientation. These dogs guarantee a high level of safety to the visually impaired. Likewise, police dogs, rescue dogs and therapy dogs also have to pass a long and intense training. Their empathy is exceptional and their good noses are sometimes absolutely necessary. The various abilities of the dogs were probably the reason for their training. During the hunt, for example, their fast reactions and good noses were particularly helpful. Even today dogs are still trained to accompany and assist hunters. The motive of a hounding leaves an exceptionally noble impression as an art print. Posterlounge presents an unique selection of dog pictures, including historic as well as modern motives. Or how about a comfortable domestic scene? Whatever decision one might reach, dogs can easily make people fall for their charms.

Discover the World of Dogs on Art Prints!

In Europe dogs are usually kept as pets. Often they are considered as family members and loyal companions. It is a well-known and not quite serious stereotype that a dog and his owner look alike. This is hard to believe; yet if one carefully observes the streets, now and then a team might come to attention. Especially due to the great diversity of the different breeds, visual congruities between people and their dogs can be found. One can also discover the various dog breeds on art posters. Whether one prefers a greyhound, a labrador or a pug – every fanatic dog lover can find his or her personal favourite. Posterlounge also offers child-oriented motives as art prints and posters. Illustrated or painted images of dogs are real eye-catchers and draw all of the attention in a room. An art poster is a homage to the dog’s devotion for all enthusiasts and fans – and therefore and absolute must.