Fish Posters

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Dive beneath the waves with fish pictures

Our fishy friends bring us endless interior design inspiration. From bright tropical coral reefs to deep seas filled with sharks and sea monsters, fish wall art can fit with any theme and mood. Kids will love decorating their rooms with colourful fish posters, but you’ll also find plenty of sophisticated fish prints to choose from that could work in an elegant sitting room or a spa-themed bathroom. Beautiful watery scenes can create a calming atmosphere, a lively one or even an intense, moody one. Simply browse our collection of fish pictures to find the ones that suit the theme of your room.

A colourful marine world

Life under water has been captured in many different art styles – from infrared photography to pencil sketches. You’ll find traditional paintings, such as ‘White cats watching goldfish’, that help add a stylish, historic touch to a room. Or go for the more modern surrealism movement with fish pictures like ‘Gold fish’, where a tiny goldfish masquerades as a deadly shark. It’s sure to raise a smile from visitors.

Underwater photography creates a contemporary look – and has to be one of the wonders of the digital age. Hang photographic fish pictures, such as ‘Tropical reef’ or ‘Galapagos Islands’, to add a vibrant pop of colour to a wall. Or how about adding a touch of menace with ‘Tiger shark with remora underneath’. Older children would love it. For something that will appeal to young children, our cartoon fish pictures are a big hit. The cheery colour palette of ‘Big fish’ and the friendly characters in ‘Sealife’ are among the highlights.

A choice of fantastic materials

Make sure your fish pictures look their best by choosing a material that complements them. If you have chosen a traditional painting, stretched cotton canvas will give you a soft and authentic finish. Hang your canvas in a floating frame for a real sense of class. If your image has a more modern style, you can choose a sleek material to enhance it. Slender Alu-Dibond has many benefits. You get an intensely colourful finish, a slender style and your fish pictures will be splash proof – ideal for hanging in a bathroom. If you’re looking for the most affordable choice, our high-quality photo paper gives a great finish and can be easily framed.