Giraffe Posters

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Bring everyone’s favourite animal to your walls

Everyone loves giraffes! From their gentle faces and those gorgeous long eyelashes to their striking patterned coats, the world’s tallest animals bring a smile to faces young and old. So why not bring some of that giraffe joy into your home by hanging giraffe pictures on your walls? Whether you want to brighten up a child’s bedroom or bring the hazy warmth of the savannah to your living room, you’ll find a fabulous range of giraffe prints to choose from.

Giraffe pictures for children

With their long necks and exotic surroundings, giraffes truly capture the imaginations of children. Decorate their rooms with some beautiful giraffe pictures that they’ll love, from the funny to the sweet. Cute prints such as ‘Jungle animals with prints’, ‘Wild animals’ or ‘Funny animal train’ will look fantastic in nurseries for young children and babies. If your children are older, they might love some of our humorous prints, such as the car-driving giraffe in ‘Riding High!’ or the hungry pair in ‘Breakfast at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi’. Or perhaps they love giraffes’ animal friends as well? Bring in the whole savannah gang and give them lots to look at with pictures like ‘Bustle in front of tree’ or ‘Waterhole’. 

Styles for everyone: from African art to modern photography

These captivating creatures have inspired artwork in a wide range of styles, so choosing giraffe pictures to complement your décor should be a piece of cake! Traditional Tanzanian art captures the grace of the giraffe in all its glory – emphasising those long legs and the vibrant colours of the African plains. We love the crowd of legs in ‘Giraffe and butterflies’ or the heart-warming scene in ‘Giraffes love’. You’ll also find some beautiful contemporary giraffe pictures, such as the unique ‘Giraffe looking out to sea’ photograph or the adorable graphic ‘Baby Giraffe in Africa’ print. Or embrace the current passion for patterns by choosing the intricate design and bold colours of ‘Giraffe love (variant 2)’.

Print your giraffe pictures on the right material

Make sure your giraffe pictures look their best by considering the material you choose to print them on. Modern photographic prints would look extra sleek printed on acrylic glass, while traditional African art prints would suit the authenticity of cotton canvas. For an attractive price, choose our high-quality photo paper posters.