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Horse Prints

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Horse pictures: from Black Beauty to unicorns

The sound of hooves galloping along the beach, the sight of newborn foals taking their first wobbly steps, the feel of velvety skin and long manes – it’s no wonder horses are one of the world’s best-loved creatures. From wild stallions and graceful mares to lovable Shetland ponies, we’ve got enough horse wall art to satisfy even the biggest horse fans.

You’ll also find a selection of styles, whether you love whimsical paintings or bold black-and-white photographs. There are historical horse pictures, brightly coloured abstract horse prints, and cute horse posters for tomorrow’s young riders. With so many beautiful pictures of horses to choose from, you might need one for every room! Take a look at our collection to find your favourites…

Inspirational horse paintings

These majestic creatures have inspired artists throughout the ages. Traditional pastoral paintings, such as ‘The Streatlam Stud’ by John Frederick Herring, combine the beauty of both horses and countryside.

If you’re looking for eye-catching horse pictures, to hang above a fireplace for example, Franz Marc’s ‘Little Blue Horse’ makes a fantastic focal point. Or perhaps you know some young horse fans who would love a magical scene like ‘Unicorn’ or ‘White dream horse’ for their bedroom?

Equestrian photographic prints

Great photographers portray the magnificent beauty of horses in a way our amateur snaps never can! Horse pictures that have been captured on camera work really well if your home is decorated in a contemporary style. Choose a picture of horses in the wild, such as ‘Horses on a hill’, or opt for a breathtaking horse portrait in all its close-up glory. We think ‘Snow White’ and ‘Dressage horse in profile’ would make a great pair of horse pictures with their striking colour contrast.

Gallop your way to print perfection with a choice of materials

Make sure your horse pictures look their best by picking the right material. Traditional paintings are given an authentic finish when printed onto stretched cotton canvas and framed in an elegant floating frame. Vibrant horse pictures with bright colours look great printed onto slender Alu-Dibond for an intense finish, while softer prints with pale white colours look best printed onto lightweight Forex foam board.

If you have chosen horse pictures with a beach background, perhaps to hang in your bathroom, acrylic glass gives a modern glossy finish – and is also splashproof! And if the kids want to cover their walls in horse pictures, our high-quality photo paper won’t break the bank.