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For thousands of years, horses, but also their smaller and more tenacious relatives, the donkeys, have accompanied mankind through its numerous stages of development. They provided the motives for the very first cave paintings. Up to our days they are captured on canvas and other media, to obtain access as an art print or poster into peoples´ phantasy. There is hardly any young girl who has not a mural in her room to dream herself away on the back of a fiery horse. The fan-community of donkeys and their relatives, the mules and hinnys, may not have as many members, because these animals are looked upon as being rather stubborn; yet once one gets to know these amiable contemporaries and happens to understand why they behave in tricky situations as they do, no one will ever be able again to withstand their charms. Maybe it becomes desirable then to decorate the wall with a poster of a donkey which happened to yawn very deeply at this special moment the photograph has been taken, and looks therefore whimsical and truly likeable. At Posterlounge each admirer of these special four-legged friends will find the appropriate motive for his mural.

An Art Print to take Delight in the Contentment and in Joy for the Magic of Strength – an Eye Catcher by all Means!

On almost each picture of a donkey one gains the impression this ‚long-ear’ doesn´t loose its countenance very readily. And indeed this countenance belongs to those attributes the donkey as a „sumpter“, a pack animal, had to cultivate to avoid tripping into a canyon on the narrow paths through rocky territory. Before taking a step in the wrong direction in a situation like this, it is important to consider every move very closely, because the next step might be the last one. It is of no avail you´ll find this grey animal most often in mountainous and barren regions where it is appreciated to this day for its surefootedness and frugality. The air of a donkey´s composure finds its most stunning expression in an art print and will delight any animal lover unfailingly anew. Due to the fact that the equine species does not share a donkey´s superior composure, horses do fascinate us in a different way. How marvellous it is to be able to perceive on a high class art print or poster each and every single hair of the glossy coat apart, shining across the towering, effortlessly playing muscles! A stallion, rearing on his hind legs is as fascinating as a herd of wild horses careering freely in front of the wind – a lovely mural beguiles you into the imagination to join these gracious and vigorous creatures within your thoughts and to allow them to take you away from the daily routine, at least for a moment.

An Art Print of Fascinating Domestic Animals – the Donkey as an appealing Figure for Sympathy and the Horse as a Source of Inspiration

Apriori it might not occur as a common procedure to choose a donkey as an image motive. But let us think about the numerous images showing the Child Jesus in the stable of Bethlehem, his arrival being witnessed, among others animals, by the modest donkey. Later on, as well as some popes did, Jesus sat on the back of a donkey. Or let us think of the famous ‚Bremer Stadtmusikanten’ (‚The Town Musicians of Bremen’ by the Grimm Brothers) - we quite often find them adorning an art poster. The winsome donkey carries the other animals weight and contributes mainly due to his dependability and endurance to the happy outcome of their purpose. A mural showing a donkey might remind us, apart from the animals´ undeniable charm, of these valuable attributes. There hardly is an artist who failed to create a picture, a sculpture or the figurine of a horse. Starting with the first cave paintings up to our times, taking in surrealism, expressionism, baroque, the horse inspired and inspires as a rewarding motive. Fortunately for horse lovers they can find classical portrayals like those by Peter Paul Rubens or the horse-motives by the expressionist Franz Marc as well on posters or art prints in the highest quality as they can track down the murals displaying dreamlike fantasies spell bounded with deep mythics.