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Wolf posters: wild animals of the North

From their spine-chilling howl to their piercing eyes, wolves have a dramatic beauty. These talented hunters usually roam the frozen wildernesses, but with wolf wall art they can now enjoy a cosier setting in your home! Wolf posters create a real sense of atmosphere, thanks to their graceful power. They have inspired creative people throughout history from historic painters to today’s bestselling novelists. Whether you want to pick out a special wolf canvas for your favourite wolf fan or you simply love the remote natural beauty spots they inhabit, wolf pictures are a striking addition to any wall. Take a look at our collection to find some you love.

Find wolf art to suit your home’s style

Wolf posters are a versatile choice that can work well within a range of interior design themes. A cool graphic print, such as ‘My roots’, looks fantastic against crisp white Scandi-style walls. Fantasy-inspired artworks, such as ‘Winter Wolf Family’ and ‘Wolf spirit’, are a fantastic way of injecting some colour into a mystical-themed decor. Contemporary design trends work well with sharp photographic images, such as the all-white ‘Arctic wolf in the snow’, while wolf posters of lush green forests, such as ‘A gray wolf peers from behind a bush’, create a softer atmosphere.

Children learn to love wolves from an early age – but why not choose cute wolf posters rather than a Big Bad Wolf for their rooms? Lovable prints like ‘Howling wolf meets howling owls’ are sure to make them chuckle.

Help your new wolf friend look his best

Choosing the right material to complement your wolf posters is key. Our selection of materials all bring a different finish and effect. Many wolf posters have a high proportion of white, thanks to their Arctic homeland. These images look fantastic printed onto lightweight Forex foam board, which not only hangs safely on any wall but also enhances the delicate details of your print.

Colourful wolf posters, perhaps featuring the swirling Northern Lights, are given a beautifully intense finish when printed onto slender Alu-Dibond. Contemporary photographic prints get the shine and depth they deserve when printed onto glossy acrylic glass, while traditional wall paintings look great printed onto stretched cotton canvas for an authentic museum feel. If you are looking for a great finish at an affordable price, you can’t beat our high-quality photo paper. Your wolf posters can even be framed to create a more luxurious effect.