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Architectural photography is not just to take photos of buildings, but an independent art form, where it belongs more as mere "snapping" to. Instead of flowers or landscapes, here the building or the architecture is in the centre of an artistic consideration. The extensive offers of posterlounge ranges from fascinating shots of Paris, London or Berlin, churches, bridges and famous landmarks from around the world. With these motifs, everyone around the world can travel and forget everyday life! Whether Moulin Rouge, Golden Gate Bridge, the Taj Mahal or the Neuschwanstein Castle - the architecture of the world has so much to offer! As posters, architectural photographs are more than suitable for spotlight and individual accents in your own four walls. Architecture in pictures is timeless and fascinates again and again. A charming fairy tale Castle for a dreamy girl's room or a modern and flashy high-rise building for an elegant living room: a photo poster with motifs from the architecture visually enhances any room. Modern high-rise buildings especially at night in the midst of a skyline seem magical and breathtaking. Old walls of a church get a whole new look by the evening red of a sunset on images.

Rediscover historic architecture with an impressive poster

Looking at the picture of a city, one discovers often many old houses. In Western culture, the oldest buildings in most cases are churches and cathedrals. Their architecture always witnesses a certain artistic period. Pictures of a church are often very fast to determine at what time the Church was built. We recognize the windows, whether it is, for example, Gothic or Romanesque architecture. Churches had a major role in the various towns and villages in the middle ages. They mostly were in the centre and were dominated by any other architecture. Today, there are also the age of baroque churches and churches from the Gothic and Romanesque as very modern houses of worship. But other buildings of the world are many thousands of years old. The oldest monumental architecture is the Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. The temple complex was built circa 11600 years ago and is thus older than Stonehenge. The prehistoric plants affect not only a poster overwhelming but impressed by the fact that they could survive such a long time. The pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, the great wall of China and numerous castles are more historic architecture anywhere in the world. A photo posters with motifs from historic architecture within your own four walls impressed again on the new and can travel the Viewer to another time.

Modern architecture: attraction of failed as a photo poster

Not only ancient architecture impresses us again on posters, but also the extravagance of many new buildings. The Torre Agbar in Barcelona and the 30 St Mary Axe in London remind many people of a cucumber in their architecture and attract every year numerous onlookers tourists from all over the world. In other cities there to admire amazing and spectacular architecture. Outstanding, the Museum of contemporary art in Niteroi in Brazil, the Lotus Temple in Delhi or the Centre Pompidou in Paris are as the EMP Museum in Seattle, the dancing House in Prague. Some buildings remind on images of spaceships, others fascinate by their size. There already is a movement of tiny, living architecture: the tiny House movement. Also roller coasters are among the exciting architecture. A picture of this brilliant beauties in their own daily ensures that special kick. Posterlounge presents the most extraordinary architectural works of art as a photo poster, guaranteed each breath slyly.