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Bruce Lee Posters

Kick some butt with Bruce Lee posters

Think martial arts and chances are you think Bruce Lee. This world-famous Chinese-American actor kicked, jumped and punched his way through some of the most popular films of the 1970s. From Fist of Fury to The Game of Death, Lee very much made his mark on Hollywood before his untimely death at the age of 32. So why not pay homage to the king of martial arts with your own Bruce Lee canvas?

Choose a print of one of his film posters or an eye-catching portrait of the great man. If you love taking part in martial arts yourself, what could be more inspirational than some Bruce Lee pictures in your home gym area? Or if you prefer to watch his films than try out the moves yourself, a few Bruce Lee posters in your TV area or home cinema room is a great choice for super fans. Take a look at our butt-kicking collection of Bruce Lee posters to find your favourites

A martial arts icon

Judo, Kung Fu, Karate – Bruce Lee could do it all. Not only that, he added his own style to these ancient fighting sports in a way nobody else has. Choose action-packed sport posters of him doing his thing for a daily dose of martial arts magic in your life. We love the black-and-white ‘Bruce Lee’ print, as he strikes one of his signature stances. Way to look ready for anything!

Cinema fans will find a wide choice of Bruce Lee posters from his best films. Choose from classic prints like ‘Game of Death’, ‘Bruces fists of vengeance’ and ‘The Chinese Connection’. And for believers of the popular myth where he rises from the dead, check out ‘Bruce Lee fights back from the grave’.

Pair your prints with their ideal material

Make sure Bruce Lee looks his best on your walls by choosing a material to complement your choice of print. Bruce Lee posters with bright colours are given a vibrant finish when printed onto slender Alu-Dibond. It’s the ideal way to create a bold statement with your image. For Bruce Lee posters with a high proportion of white. You might want to try printing onto lightweight Forex foam board. Or how about a unique choice for a unique man? Printing your Bruce Lee posters onto rustic FSC-certified wooden board gives an unusual and rugged finish.