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Muhammad Ali Posters

Muhammad Ali posters of a boxing legend

Step into the ring for your moment with boxing great, Muhammad Ali. This iconic figure from the boxing world wasn’t just a champion in the ring, having held the title of world heavyweight champion more than once, he was also an important voice outside the ring. He was known for his way with words, whether using his talents for poetry, activities or music.

Bring some of that controversial spirit into your home with a Muhammad Ali canvas. Maybe you want some inspiration for your home boxing gym? This is the man to inspire your training! Or are you looking for a piece of historic boxing memorabilia for the boxing fan in your life? What could make a better gift than a selection of Muhammad Ali pictures? Take a look at our Muhammad Ali posters now to find the right ones for you…  

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

Celebrate this boxing icon’s greatest moments with Muhammad Ali posters from his best fights. The black-and-white photographic print ‘Muhammad Ali’ has a captivating authentic touch as it captures those formidable fists in action. You can almost feel the energy sparking off at you! Fans of Ali’s career will love the retro boxing posters advertising historic fights. The print of ‘Aka Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali’ is a popular choice.

If you are more intrigued by the man than the boxer, check out Muhammad Ali posters that pay homage to all sides of this great figure. ‘The Fighters, Muhammad Ali’ is a fascinating print. For an eye-catching print to really make an impact, you can’t beat the vivid yellows of ‘Legends of the Ring: Muhammad Ali’. It’s certainly one of our boldest Muhammad Ali posters.

Pick your perfect material

Make sure the great man looks his best by choosing your material wisely. Muhammad Ali posters with vibrant colours are given an intense finish when printed onto slender sheets of aluminium, while images with a high proportion of white are best suited to lightweight Forex foam board. For a unique finish that ties in well with the masculinity of Muhammad Ali posters, why not go for FSC-certified wooden board? It gives a funky texture to your prints. Or keep things affordable with our high-quality photo paper. The choice is yours.