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Hamburg in pictures: Photo poster from

Hamburg, Speicherstadt, which could be directly translated with storehouse-town and HafenCity, the harbour city, is known for its quaint fish market, the notorious Reeperbahn or its river Alster and the staircase area. Hamburg's neo-Gothic brick flair in the warehouse district also stands for the metropolis as the puristic and modern face of new buildings in the Harbour City - impressive motifs, which are always held in marvellous photographs. Not only the locals love Hamburg for its different faces and their complexity, the city is so popular among visitors. And it spreads such a special flair like hardly another city does especially in pictures. To capture that uniqueness in photos is often the motivation of many artists. Posterlounge offers the most unusual perspectives on Hamburg, the most secret places that are often hidden to tourists and wonderful moods of the city on the Elbe and Alster as high-quality photo posters. A magical image of the port city is not only a wonderful eye-catcher in your own four walls, but expresses also the love of this metropolis.

Exceptional photo poster Hamburg in the water mirror

Hamburg is a paradise for boaters, cycling or water sports and a recreation oasis for young and old with its impressive port approach station for cruise ships and with the Alster. Photo impressions as a poster of the most popular places of the city of water, whether in black and white or color, as a panoramic city view or fine detail view poster lounge for all Hamburg has a fan in the program. So, like the neo-Gothic store city construction reflects in the water, the Sun's rays between the clouds burst forth, and like the port city in secret glitter wrap - this unique moments are permanently recorded as artistic photo posters and so ideally suitable as a wall decoration in every room. This special angle of view simply make the magnet for every eye in every room! Reflective, sparkling water of the harbour city is not just only a charming motif for an image, but also recalls the history of Hamburg by shipping. Already in the 4th century before Christ Saxons settled in the area of the present-day metropolis. A trading and settlement on the banks of the Alster was founded in the 12th century and a port was built. Over the centuries, Hamburg evolved into the largest German seaport from now on. Also on images you discover today information on the exciting story of the beautiful port city.

Charming Hamburg photographs at night as a poster

How Hamburg at night is reflected in the water majestically and, thus, how a veritable sea of lights shows the town in a fairytale atmosphere, that is almost indescribable. Enchanting and simply exceptional can be described the night photographs from posterlounge, which differ from all other typical sunset photos. Especially the port makes a terrific subject for unique photo poster at night. The numerous images which are illuminated with boats and cutters, as well as the many small lights on the cranes, stand out from the dark blue of the sky and are reflected, on the other hand, clearly in the nearly black water surface - a beautiful sight. The port of Hamburg was founded on May 7th, 1189, his origins are however already in the 7th century. The annual port birthday glitter not only the lights of ships and cranes, but also the traditional, sparkling Fireworks - the culmination of the festivities. No cliché Hamburg pictures, but artistically beautiful night photographs from always a particular perspective, that capure the unique play of light skilfully. Hamburg - an inspiration for yourself!