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New York is one of the most famous cities of the world – numerous movies, TV series and songs are set in or address this this multicultural metropolis. The yellow taxis and many iridescent lights are also world-famous and photographers like to use them as motives for photo canvases. Another distinctive feature is the New York skyline with its characteristic buildings such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building. In September 2001 the city lost its most characteristic building: the Twin Towers. They were located in Manhattan, probably the most famous district. Today it is known not only for its remarkable architecture, but also for many places of interest such as Wall Street, Central Park, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge or Times Square. It is not just the city itself that provides countless subjects for photographers. The many museums, for example the Museum of Modern Art, also contain collections of works that would make for quite an eye catcher as poster or canvas in your own home.

A City With an Unbelievable History – Melting Pot New York as Photo Poster

The United States of America are known as a country of immigrants. New York City played an important role in this development. The city became a starting point for immigrants early on. Back then, the first thing these people saw was the Statue of Liberty. Even today it represents freedom and reminds of the immigration history of New York – maybe as a high-quality photo print or poster in your room? About forty percent of U.S. citizens have ancestors that immigrated over Ellis Island – altogether 12 million people between 1892 and 1954. Most of the German immigrants arrived between 1820 and 1880 on Ellis Island. Over time the guidelines and restrictions for immigrants became stricter. Today the traces of the waves of immigration are still visible in the streets of New York and in photographs of the city. From Chinatown to Little Italy – New York is multicultural. Many New Yorkers are of various cultural and ethnic origin and thus contribute to making the city all the more interesting and diverse. New York photo posters highlight the variety of this city’s people, their traditions and fashion.

The Bronx – One of the Most Famous New York Districts on Photographs

The Bronx is a very famous district. After Wold War II it degenerated into a ghetto and crime rates went up. Even today this part of the city has a rather bad reputation. The monotonous areas with prefabricated houses are very characteristic and a recurrent motive of photographs. Parallel to the development as a deprived area since the 1960s, a special cultural exchange came about, one result of which was the musical genre of hip hop that has its origins in the Bronx. One of the four elements of this genre is graffiti art. It characterizes the image of the district and is often captured on camera for photo posters. Since the 1990s, the crime rates in the Bronx dropped significantly. Images and photographs of this district radiate the charm of the metropolis in a special and unique way.