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Kerpow – it’s comic posters!

You’re never too old to enjoy your favourite comics. Whether you grew up loving classic Marvel or DC comic books or you’re shopping for young superhero fans, comic pictures are a fun and stylish way to brighten up your walls. You won’t just find childish prints among this comic art – it can be dark and brooding, colourful and retro, or contemporary and minimalist. You might be surprised to find you can fit comic posters into a wide range of interior design themes! So there’s no excuse for not indulging your love of all things superhero and choosing some of your favourite comic posters from our collection. Go on, treat yourself.

From Batman to Spiderman

You’ll find a wide range of art styles on offer, with something for all ages. Young children will love heart-warming comic posters like ‘Red Riding Hood as a little calf’ and ‘Benjamin the Elephant – Zoo’. Or how about that famously mischievous duo, ‘Tom and Jerry’? Older kids will enjoy funny prints, such as ‘You Tube Boy’ and ‘Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be Batman Then Always Be Batman’ – a pretty inspirational message for growing teens.

Adult comic fans can choose between everything from Star Trek posters to vintage movie prints. Vibrant pop art comic posters are among our most popular. Choose the sultry ‘Superman and Catwoman’ or the cheeky ‘Lolly-Pop’ for a bedroom. Or how about something subtler for the living room? ‘Minimalist superhero iron man art print’ packs a comic book punch – in gorgeous subtle colours.

Choose a complementary material

Picking the perfect material for your comic posters can have a huge impact on their final effect. Add an extra intensity to colourful prints by printing onto slender Alu-Dibond – it gives a fantastic, bold finish. Posters with a high proportion of white, on the other hand, look best printed onto lightweight Forex foam board to enhance the delicate details of the images. This contemporary material has the added benefit of being light enough to hang safely on any wall, ideal for kids’ bedrooms.

Versatile cotton canvas is another great option. Hang it directly onto your wall for a contemporary look, or pair it with a floating frame to give your comic posters the grandeur they deserve! Or keep it simple and traditional with our high-quality photo paper. It’s affordable enough for you to buy a whole collection of posters!