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Space posters

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Space posters: they’re out of this world!

Treat yourself to some indoor stargazing with some dazzling space wall art. Whether you’re a keen astronomer, a wannabe astronaut or simply a romantic at heart, you can’t fail to be inspired by the infinite expanses of the heavens above. Filled with billions of stars, planets and comets, we can only ever begin to dream about the faraway worlds out there. And not only is that endlessly fascinating, it has the added benefit of putting our problems and struggles with life into perspective. So space pictures can actually help our day-to-day wellbeing – as well as looking fabulous!

Inspire the next generation of space fans with educational astronomy posters or embrace your inner geek with our popular Star Trek posters, the choice is yours. Just make sure you don’t miss the chance to catch a glimpse of this beautiful collection of space posters.

Float through galaxies

Journey millions of light years away from the comfort of your own home by choosing space paintings of distant galaxies. Stunning space scenes like the ‘Andromeda galaxy’ and ‘Hubble extreme deep field’ are not only a breath-taking addition to a room, they inspire as well. Or why not take a look at our home planet from a different angle? We love the unique perspective of ‘Earth from space’.  ‘Milky Way panorama’ is a great choice for a romantic yet modern bedroom, while space posters like ‘Our solar system’ would be fantastic in a homework area or classroom.

When it comes to choosing space posters for kids, you’ll find plenty of educational choices, such as fun infographics like ‘Universe’ and historic documents like ‘Map of the northern heavens’. But imaginative space posters are also a winner. The vivid colours in ‘Space Odyssey’ bring a heightened sense of drama, while ‘Astro cat’ will always raise a smile.

Choosing the ideal material for your prints

Make your space posters shine as brightly as the stars by selecting their perfect material. Add depth and shine to photographic images by printing onto glossy acrylic glass. Or boost intense colours by pairing your print with slender Alu-Dibond for a bold and contemporary finish. And why not keep things retro with our high-quality photo paper? A match made in heaven for space posters of space idols such as ‘David Bowie Blackstar’.