Planet Posters

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Go star-gazing with planet pictures    

The night sky is full of wonders – and now your walls can be too. Not only are planet posters beautiful, they are also a great way to keep a bit of perspective in life. It’s hard for problems to feel too huge when you’re looking at pictures of planets and contemplating how tiny our lives are in comparison to the vast universe! Whether you want to teach the next generation of young astronomers about the galaxies with an orbit canvas or you’re simply looking for a striking piece of panoramic photography, our intergalactic range of planet pictures is as educational as it is eye-catching. Take a look at our collection to find your favourites.

From faraway planets to home turf

What better way to inspire daydreams of the other worlds – and even other species – than by hanging planet pictures in your family’s rooms? Most children are fascinated with space so help them to pursue that passion with inspirational prints. An educational orbit canvas showing the different planets making their way around the sun, like they do in ‘Our Solar System’, is a fantastic chance to add some bright colours and learning opportunities to a teenagers’ bedroom.

But not all planet pictures have to be about teaching, some exist purely to portray the magnificent spectacle of our skies. If you are looking for a pop of colour for your walls, choose a vibrant multi-coloured print like ‘Colourful universe’ or a vivid ultraviolet image like ‘Solar activity, SDO ultraviolet image’ with its burning reds and oranges. Photographic planet pictures are particularly popular. We love ‘View of earth taken from the Apollo 13’ and ‘Astronaut on the moon’.

Match your planet pictures with a magical material

Choosing the right material for your prints can have a real impact. Bright planet pictures with bold colours are given an intense finish when printed onto slender Alu-Dibond, while the sleek photography pieces gain some added shine and depth when printed onto glossy acrylic glass. Prints with vibrant colours can also look great printed onto FSC-certified wood. The rustic gleam of the wood grain shines through the image to create a unique, natural effect. If you are on a tight budget or buying for children who like to change their interests regularly, you’ll love the high performance our affordable photo paper gives. It can be easily framed for more professional finish.