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Art Prints of Planets: Art Posters from

If you look up into the clear night sky, you might be lucky and catch a glimpse of them as they sometimes shine brighter than the stars: the planets. From time immemorial the celestial bodies fascinate us – so far away they are and yet we know quite a lot about them by now. The thirst for more knowledge is hard to satisfy, though. The term “planet” derives from Greek and roughly translates as “to stray” or “to wander around” – thus their synonymous term “wanderers”. Eight planets are part of our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Up until 2006, the dwarf planet Pluto numbered among them, but its status as planet has been revoked over the course of a controversial new definition. Now celestial bodies can only be considered planets when they rotate around the Sun on an orbit that they have cleared of other bodies. In addition, they have to have a nearly round shape due to their mass and self-gravitation. With an art poster, astronomy fans can finally bring space into their own home. As a picture on the wall, the planets become quite an eye-catcher and take the viewer on an intergalactic journey. No need for an expensive telescope! Thanks to art prints, the planets are observable even when the sky is cloudy. Not everyone is able to visit a planetarium, but everyone can discover the planets on his or her own wall – everyday! Posterlounge presents a multitude of pictures and posters of planets and the solar system!

Discover the Luminaries with Art Posters!

The first planets have already been discovered in antiquity, as they were visible to the unaided eye. Some cultures, like the Romans, recognised their Gods in them. They named the celestial bodies after figures from their mythology, among them Mars, Venus and Jupiter, which carry these names until today. In the past, people assumed that all the planets and the sun orbit around the earth. It was not until the 16th century that heliocentrism was established. For the first time it was stated that the planets orbit around the sun. The historical depictions of the wanderers – geocentric or heliocentric – attract attention as art prints. The motives on such posters show what fascinating insights scientists and theorists already had back then. Planets are classified according to their properties. Our earth belongs, as well as mercury, Venus and mars, to the group of earth-like planets. In contrast, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are counted among the gas planets. With the help of art posters it is even possible to see the structures and surfaces in detail. In addition, they lend a galactic atmosphere to every room. How about a view of Earth from an altitude of 1000km or an art print with the admirable rings of Saturn? On top of that, Posterlounge present dramatic depictions of black holes and fictional planets as well. These pictures allow us to dream and gaze into the distance…

Learn and Be Amazed by Art Prints of Planets

Due to our technological achievements we know a lot about planets by now. Scientists have already sent a probe to neighbouring planets to learn more about their appearance and their possible suitability to support life. The latest technology allows us to receive images and videos to discover for example, what the surface of Mars looks like. With an art print we no longer have to browse these images on the Internet, but we can hang the planets into our own rooms as posters. Space enthusiasts can now enjoy these views everyday thanks to art posters, and they can marvel at the beautiful and strange worlds that inhabit the Milky Way galaxy.