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Biology Posters

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Scientific posters for study and sophistication

The world we live in is a wonderful place, and as science has unravelled its secrets over the centuries, it has only left us with more to marvel at. Rather than simply examining its creatures and objects at surface level, we are now able to delve deep beneath and see how they really work. Ingenious, colourful and awe-inspiring, you can now hang nature’s finest designs on your walls for those perfect moments of study, amazement and contemplation.

Spice up your home with scientific posters

The world of science is a vibrant place, and the perfect well from which to draw colour and sophistication for your home or workplace. Microscopic images of DNA, diatoms and human B cells are simply bursting with colour and geometrical wonder, making them perfect meditative centrepieces for your living room or study. We also have scientific posters of many of nature’s other miracles, such as the sea-dwelling actiniae and the majestic stag beetle. In recent years, the humble X-ray has also become an artistic tool in its own right, with photographers digitally editing images of seahorses, turtles and even the human cardiovascular system to create otherworldly snapshots that can transform the atmosphere of your home.

We also have plenty to offer the more hardened science and nature enthusiast, including several drawings from John James Audubon’s classic book "The Birds of America". Tasteful yet colourful, these are perfect low-key pieces that can add life to a kitchen or dining room without dominating it. Those who prefer something more dramatic, on the other hand, will be well served by our photographs of scientific experiments, such as dry ice vaporisation and the classic alkali metal flame tests. Dynamic and colourful, these scientific posters can really spice up a hallway or office space.

For those whose professional home is more in the lab than at a desk, we also stock a wide range of chemistry and biology posters. From classic studies of the human body on anatomy posters to stylish equipment photos and diagrams of flora and fauna, we have plenty of options for brightening up your workplace.

Scientific posters in any format you need

Our classic scientific diagrams look great printed on fine-grain cotton canvas, and are available in a range of sizes. We also have plenty of other materials to choose from: scientific posters on high-quality paper are great for the kids’ bedroom, for instance, while acrylic glass and lightweight aluminium Dibond offer a safer, more resistant option for offices and professional laboratories.