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Anatomy posters – the fascinating study of the human body

The human body is an ingenious machine, a marvel of evolution. It incorporates so many systems – mechanical, electrical and hydraulic – and we have still only scratched the surface of what these systems can achieve. Yet what we already know is enough to fascinate anyone for a lifetime. Documented in diagrams, microscope images, photographs and x-rays, delve into our collection of anatomy posters and find out how your body works.

Anatomy posters to add a scientific touch to your home

The study of the human body has intrigued scholars and scientists for centuries, and our collection of anatomy posters at Posterlounge provides an exceptional cross-section of this body of work. From Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” to a microscopic view of human DNA, there is something here for science buffs of all tastes. Early works such as Da Vinci’s iconic diagram and Andreas Vesalius’ “Muscles 02” are perfect for adding a sense of timeless sophistication to your study – ground-breaking pieces that should remind you that nothing is impossible.

We also have plenty to offer those with a professional background in the field, with a wide range of classic educational diagrams of human skeletons, nervous systems, reproductive organs and much more. These anatomy posters are perfect for the laboratory or the classroom, offering a constant reminder of the wonder of nature’s design.

Or perhaps your interest in the human body is more aesthetic than academic? Then don’t fret – we have the perfect anatomy posters for you. In recent years, art has begun to encroach upon the world of science, realising potential in themes and tools that were previously the reserve of the doctor or lab technician. Coloured x-ray images and fascinating microscope close-ups are the perfect examples of this, resulting in eerie and often psychedelic images that are ideal for lending a new mood to your bedroom or living room.

Anatomy posters in any format you like

Our anatomical images can be printed on a wide range of materials – from classic, high-quality photo paper to brillant acrylic glass. The latter adds a great sense of depth to otherworldly x-ray images, while we also stock frames to go with our classic poster format. But our recommended background material for scientific images like these is Dibond aluminium: a hard-wearing, lightweight material that offers unrivalled clarity and sharpness.