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Explore the globe from the comfort of your own home!

We all love to travel but real life can sometimes get in the way of our global exploration! Choosing geography posters to decorate your home with is a wonderful way of reminding yourself about the sights and scenes of the wider world. Whether you want to hang a map of a meaningful place where you enjoyed past holidays or you want to choose an inspiring print of far-flung lands, the world of geography posters is your oyster! From vintage old world maps to photographs from space, you can bring the whole world to you in a style to match your tastes.

Vintage geography posters

Browse our selection of vintage maps and prints that suit a range of décor styles from cute shabby chic to formal antiquity. Create a traditional library-inspired retreat with walls of bookshelves, comfy armchairs and a tawny-coloured vintage map, such as ‘World 1595’ or ‘Africa 1660’. Or go for lighter, prettier colours that will complement distressed white furniture, floral cushions and a French-inspired style. Geography posters such as ‘Vintage map with animals’ and ‘Cannes vintage collection’ would work really well with this look.

Maps for all ages

Maps can be colourful, educational or fun. Inspire the next generation to be be globe-trotters or hang maps of your favourite places to evoke those travelling memories. Decorating a child’s bedroom with a map of the world is a fantastic choice – opt for a colourful version such as ‘Map of the world’ or one that includes animals or landmarks to further inspire them. ‘One Hundred Endangered Species’ is a beautifully jam-packed map that children of all ages will love. Older members of the family will love some of our unique maps, such as the funky ‘map graffiti’ or our range of quirky heart-shaped city maps. With cities from Paris to Chicago, you’re sure to find your favourite!

Choosing your perfect geography posters material

If you have chosen a colourful print, you’ll love our modern material options, such as acrylic glass or Alu-Dibond, as they give you a gorgeously vibrant and sleek finish. If you’ve opted for a vintage map on the other hand, printing on to canvas would create a wonderfully authentic ‘museum feel’. Of course, if you’re on a budget then printing your geography posters on our high-quality photo paper will still give you a great finish at a price you can afford