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World map posters

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Discover the world on posters

World maps provide orientation, navigate us through foreign countries and cities. They are indispensable for travellers. How else could we find our way abroad? World maps as posters are even more than a useful navigation aid - on walls, they are a decorative, sometimes extravagant, and often informative eye-catcher. Where actually are the Falkland Islands? What is the capital of Mongolia? World maps can answer these questions and many more. As a poster or art print, world maps become valuable wall pictures, which make the geographers' and globetrotters' hearts beat faster.

World maps from yesterday until today at Posterlounge

The drawing of maps is nearly as old as mankind. Researchers assume that humans created plans of their surroundings at prehistoric times already. It is certain that advanced cultures, like Ancient Egypt, put maps on clay at first, and later also on papyrus and parchment. This is evident from preserved ancient world maps. The preparation of these plans was costly, and each one of them was handmade and unique. Only the invention of the letterpress print in the 15th century made it easier to produce multiple maps at a time. Seafaring and the discovery of the Americas made them become more realistic. By now, world maps are mostly created digitally, which ensures a very exact depiction.

Discover the whole variety of world map pictures in our online shop. Let's travel around the globe! Posterlounge presents a multitude of historic world maps, but also modern, current, and fictitious ones.

There are many different types of world map pictures. Physical maps show natural characteristics like mountains and waters. Political maps, on the other hand, depict cities, countries and borders, where states normally appear in different colours - nice and informative for young and old friends of geography.

Unusual world map pictures

World map posters with historical views of the 17th-19th century are a visual highlight. Marvel at the filigree works of the early cartographers and their view of the world. The historical world maps are an extravagant eye-catcher and fit well into living rooms and studies. Our tip: Choose a canvas rather than a poster. That adds an authentic charm and a real museum look to the images.

The maps by Jazzberry Blue introduce you to the world's top cities in an extraordinary way. At first sight, the images appear abstract and colourful - take a closer look and see forms and lines build up a unique view of a well-known city. Which one do you recognize? Maybe Amsterdam with its branched net of canals? Stockholm with its many islands? Or London, traversed by the broad river Thames? These posters are a great way of reminding you of your most exciting city trips. Moreover, they are a nice present for globetrotters.

The diverse world map posters in our online shop not only show the most different countries on earth - they also comprise fascinating satellite photos of our blue planet. These impressive pictures unfold all of their beauty when printed on Alu or Forex boards.