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Religion – Spiritual Inspiration Captured On Art Posters

Where did we come from, what happens after death and what do we live for? Human beings have always strived for answers to the great questions of life. They have aspired to something higher, something divine, which is greater than themselves and which they can believe in. Ever since the dawn of mankind, different groups have asked these questions and – trying to answer them – have found faith. Ultimately, to their adherents every religion is a source of meaning and spiritual inspiration. Even in times of modern technology and science a great number of people draw a special kind of vitality from their beliefs in a higher power. Faith can move a mountain, they say, and at the very least it provides hope and vigour for one’s own path through life. Throughout all persuasions, certain symbols and persons that symbolically embody them represent religious values. Hence, depictions of saints and representatives of religious institutions radiate a special charisma. In order to enable the experience of such spiritual inspiration even at home, the online-shop at Posterlounge.co.uk offers an attractive variety of fascinating images featuring religious personalities either on canvas print or on poster.

Icons of faith: saints, martyrs, angels and founders of religions

In Western cultures the Christian faith dominates in all its different confessions. The belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and founder of the religion unites all their manifestations. For this reason, iconic portraits and stages of his life – for instance his birth, last supper and crucifixion or the entombment – are highly popular among depictions of biblical scenes. There is a particular charisma about representations of the Holy Mother with her child, which evoke associations with benevolence, purity and innocence. Many similar and different aspects of faith can also be found in the worship of saints. Thus, Saint Sebastian is praised as a guard against pestilence and disease. Saint Apollonia, who refused to renounce her faith even when her teeth were beaten out of her mouth, is the patron of dentists, today. One among the martyrs is a figure of great historical value: Jeanne d’Arc, who led the French during the Hundred Years’ War and was burned at the stake, later became a saint and a national hero in France. Alongside martyrs, saints and angels, this category also offers drawings and paintings featuring important reformers, such as Martin Luther or John Calvin, as well as famous representatives of the church. Far-Eastern religions, most of all Buddhism, are represented by serene and salutary depictions of Buddha.

A demonstration of faith and a source of hope

Due to their manifold facets, murals showing religious figures provide a very individual impression to every beholder. Art prints featuring religious personae may, for instance, express admiration for this very person. If, however, the wall decoration reflects one’s own religious beliefs, it is more than a visual statement. On the one hand, it is a visible demonstration of respective religious affiliation and, on the other hand, it serves as a source of inspiration and protection for believers. Thus, pictures showing saints and clerics of different religious persuasions become a calm anchor of one’s home and radiate their spiritual charisma along with a hopeful atmosphere.