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Frida Kahlo Prints

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The incredible Frida Kahlo captured in paintings

The most renowned artist in Mexico, if not the whole of Latin America, Frida Kahlo emerged as a painter at the beginning of the 20th century. During her lifetime, her success was overshadowed by that of her husband, Diego Rivera. It took until the 1970s – some 20 years after her death – for her unique character to be discovered in the wake of feminism. Frida Kahlo’s story is inspiring: she always prevailed with strength through a life full of pain and suffering. To this day, she is considered an inspiration and role model – the reason her expressive features have been brought to canvas by so many artists. Frida Kahlo paintings are a tribute to an extraordinary woman.

  • Born in 1907 in Mexico City
  • Claimed that she was born in 1910, when the Mexican Revolution began
  • Married fellow artist Diego Rivera in 1929
  • Died from pulmonary embolism in 1954

Frida Kahlo artwork unifies a life full of suffering and passion

In the 48 years of her life, Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón painted 143 pictures, 55 of which self-portraits, in which she captured her emotions. Today, she is still the subject of many works. Frida Kahlo paintings stand for a strong woman who never lost her passion despite a lifetime of suffering.

At a young age, the young Mexican was diagnosed with polio, which resulted in a shortened leg. At the age of 17, following a bus accident, she was told that she would be spending the rest of her life in bed. Contrary to all expectations, she got back on her feet and continued on her path, but pain would be her constant companion from that point on. In many Frida Kahlo portraits, this pain is evident in her face. At the same time, the paintings are also a reminder to not be consumed by misery. Frida accepted her fate and dealt with it on canvas. Frida Kahlo paintings stand for exceptional bravery.

Surrealism or new objectivity: Frida Kahlo paintings in their own reality

The many images of Frida Kahlo show that she still serves as a muse for many artists today. Her dominant monobrow and facial hair were Frida’s unique features. In pictures of Frida Kahlo, they are often exaggerated. Frida herself was never concerned with focusing on her own beauty, but rather with an authentic expression of emotion and tragedy.

Beauty and ugliness are a mirage, because others end up seeing what’s inside us.
(Frida Kahlo)

Today, images depicting the Mexican painter herself are almost as popular as her own works and characterised by the same surrealistic style of painting. Although she never officially assigned herself to this art style, Frida Kahlo paintings are full of fantastic surrealities, accompanied by flowers and animals.

They thought I was a surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.
(Frida Kahlo)

A home inspired by Frida Kahlo artwork

Learning from Frida Kahlo and applying the stylistic messages in her pictures to the surrounding environment is an art. Be fearless and don’t shy away from using intense colours. The same goes for accessories like flowers, which adorned Frida’s head time and time again, especially dahlias, buttercups and wildflowers. She always used bright tones.

By the way: the Boho style combines wonderfully with Frida Kahlo pictures. In the spirit of the great Kahlo, you can express a positive open-mindedness through souvenirs from your travels.

As an inspiration or encouragement to deal with your own life, or simply due to the stunning bold colours from reddish purple to dark green – Frida Kahlo artwork is always worth a closer look. We recommend Frida Kahlo poster prints for smaller budgets. If you are after a real eye-catcher for your wall, choose a canvas print, which will make your favourite motif appear like an original Frida Kahlo painting.