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Language Posters

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Language Art Prints: Art Posters from Posterlounge.co.uk

Human language is our most important means of communication. It allows us to express thoughts and feelings and to share them with others. The ability to talk is what differentiates us from primates; these communicate as well, yet their systems lack the complexity of human language. By creating different sounds, melodies and, most importantly, content, we are able to verbalise emotions and feelings in addition to our body language. But spoken language is rather ephemeral: the words are gone as soon as they were said. Beautiful and inspiring utterances fly by and sometimes cannot be repeated in exactly the same way. On an art poster, quotes and words can be captured so one can enjoy and read them every day. Quotes in stylish fonts turn utterances into beautiful wall decorations and make a truly exquisite impression as art posters. Characters from Asian languages look just as aesthetic on pictures and upgrade every room. And if one ever lacks the proper words, one is sure to find just the right poster at Posterlounge, the one that expresses just the things one is trying to say. By browsing great quotes, everyone can get their poetry for his or her own home.

Experience the Richness of Language on Art Posters

There are currently about 7,000 languages in existence worldwide! Chinese, English and Spanish are among the languages with the most speakers. English as the current international lingua franca has the most speakers overall. Everyone can discover the variety of languages on a gorgeous art print. The foreign words lend every home a touch of multiculturalism. Language on art prints creates a special atmosphere in rooms and lets us experience the vast extent and diversity of the world. It is not always easy to learn a new language, but as soon as you achieve the first successes, you can feel the happiness of having mastered the first steps. The sound and beauty of languages find their visual expression on art posters. Pictures with language motives are perfect eye-catchers and definitely enrich every office or home.

Discover the Medium of Language with Art Prints

Every language is based on a certain system. All our languages consist of a lexicon and a grammar; the latter comprises the rules on how to add words together to form coherent and logical sentences. Initially, the application of these principles accomplished through mimicry. Children who learn their first language effortlessly imitate the words and sentences they hearing. It is usually not until school that they consciously learn what grammar is and how it is applied. Knowledge of the alphabet is helpful and more than often obligatory to learn a language. On colourful, child-oriented pictures and posters, the letters of the alphabet playfully facilitate the child’s learning process. Language is written down so it can be remembered. Oftentimes, quotes express exactly what we feel. With an art print, everyone can have his or her favourite quote at home – they are simply a daily inspiration! Posterlounge presents the most beautiful expressions and quotes on colourful and stylish art posters – for everyone to find the right words for every moment.