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Scripts & the strength of letters – art prints and art poster at Posterlounge.co.uk

So we are hungry. We are thirsty. We have to find a suitable place. A place to relax, a place to gather some strength. Mostly, there a quite a few places we can choose from. But the very question is this: Which one appeals to us the most? Does it have the appearance of an urban looking pub? Or something that a resemblance to a castle`- Nothing of that. What appeals to us, and almost no one knows about it, is the way the scripture is presented to us. You do not believe this? Do have a look at Posterlounge. De art prints and art posters. Then you will realize the most astounding magic the shape of one single letter can accomplish. In their unison they are very manipulating. Especially when combined with pictures – of the cheeky or any other way – you can not help it: they are wetting your appetite, they will enlarge your thirst – when they are done in a careful way, suiting the subject: coffee, for instance, needs a different kind of script than, say … chocolate.

Scripture: Essentials at Posterlounge

Did you ever realize this phenomenon? – You are walking through the streets and alleys of a big city, a small town, a village, you are busy. It does not really matter where you are – you are a busy person. There are important things to accomplish. But the sooner or the later some very well known companions will knock onto the busy mind: Their names are hunger and thirst. Probably both. They are master minders: By and by it is not so easy anymore to concentrate on the business at hand. The mind begins to focus on things quite differently; pictures, images do spread – of food, of a refreshing drink: It is the middle of the day – a steak would become in quite handy, accompanied by a nice “side salad”, a glass of mineral water, a diet coke ... or a glass of a very light white wine? It only needs now a plate with a nicely done script – and the choice is done.

Letters: art prints and art poster at Posterlounge

A lot of people do like their personal computer because it simply is a very comfortable writing-machine. Those people being born say, in the Sixties or Seventies of last century may remember those “writing-machine” for those almost a hammer was needed to make the types come down. There strength in the hands was essential. How very different it is today! It only needs the merest brush of a fingertip to bring the letter onto the screen. And the wide variety of different scripts! Thanks to the advancements in technical terms the letters we type nowadays do look far more professional than those of former times ever could. So modern times have a definite place in our lives. But there are things equally as important – a plate with an old fashioned script for instance, reminding us of how good the hot chocolate tasted our grandma used to brew. And the cookies we used to used to eat in great abundance whenever it was possible to get a hold on them. All these memories do come back very readily by only looking on such a plate that seems to take us back to our childhood. At Posterlounge. de the is a great variety of art prints and art posters with motives to arise the memory in a very vivid way.