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Politics Art Posters – Public Personae That Shape Society

Derived from the Greek word „polis“, the term “politics” as such describes all actions regarding the state, that is, all actions concerning citizens of the state and the public. Nowadays, the term applies to actions, which (are supposed to) exert influence on the power of the state, the getting of leading positions or the execution of governmental responsibility. At each point in time throughout human history there have been various communities that enabled and required political action. Often reviled for unpopular measures or personal features, politicians are nevertheless admired personae in world history and active framers of their respective societies. Frequently, political ideas unfold their full impact only in the course of history. On that account, bringers of ideas and their actions are usually revaluated by later generations. And, of course, opinions are deeply divided. In fact, there is hardly any topic discussed as controversially as historical or current politics. Thereby, disdain and veneration mainly affect representatives of governments, which at the very least are regarded as eminent historical figures. Closely linked to the concept of power, politics have always been a matter of public staging. The powers that be, leading statespersons, are being staged. Perpetuated on canvas and poster, they still reverberate echoes of the time of their reign. For people interested in politics and history, the online-shop at Posterlounge.co.uk offers a well-selected variety of art prints featuring politically significant persons.

Monarchs, chancellors and presidents: heads at the head of the state

In historical terms, mainly significant rulers of monarchies with their absolute power and magnificence are rooted in collective memory. Hence, among the pictures at Posterlounge, there are numerous portraits of kings and queens, emperors and empresses. These include Russian Tsarina Katharina II, who alone among empresses received the byname “the Great”. Alongside, there are several depictions of French and English regents, such as Henry VIII, founder of the Anglican Church yet better known for his six wives, and his family. As great European conqueror of modern times, Napoleon Bonaparte is represented on a number of pictures, as is the first Chancellor of the Reich, Prince Otto von Bismarck. From American history, especially the deeds and personalities of former Presidents of the United States (such as Abraham Lincoln) and founding fathers (such as Benjamin Franklin) still fascinate people. Next to portraits of heads of states, the vast variety of posters also includes famous persons whose political actions influenced world affairs in different ways. Numbered among them are, for instance, British statesman Benjamin Disraeli and Russian national poet Alexander Pushkin.

The glory of political power represented in works of art

Time and again, people have exerted influence on contemporary social life by spreading and implementing their ideas on the design of their respective communities in various ways. Even today, a certain glory of political power adheres to many of those people for great achievements, conquests or an outstanding style of state leadership. With the help of artistic representations of great authorities and bringers of ideas used to decorate the walls, this very glory of world politics may settle in the private realm of home. By the way, wall pictures featuring statesmen and women may also express a personal admiration.