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Create some Zen with Buddha pictures

What better way to create some serenity in your home than by adding a tranquil touch of Eastern spirituality with our Buddha posters? You don’t have to be a practising Buddhist to appreciate the love and compassion of the teachings and the importance of taking time to meditate and reflect.

Maybe you love yoga and want to use interior design and Buddha wall art to make the perfect place to stretch out? Or perhaps you love the idea of dedicating a spot in your home for meditation and spiritual time? You might even want to create an educational space with Buddha pictures, Jesus posters and other prints from a range of religions to teach tolerance in a classroom? Whatever your plan, our lovely collection of Buddha prints is here to help.

A peaceful selection of prints

From modern photography to traditional Buddha paintings, you’ll find a wide range of art styles to choose from. Some of our favourite images portray the kind face of Buddha. These Buddha pictures can be a wonderful way of creating a calming space. We love the gentle lines and golden tones of ‘Buddha-Arrive’ and the almost cheeky smile of ‘Buddha – Tranquillity’. For a beautiful meditative painting, ‘The strength is to be found in serenity’ is a popular choice.

Other images portray Buddha in a less literal, perhaps using illustrations of chakras, prints of Buddhist temples or impressionist paintings. The balancing stones in ‘Stoneship’ make a great focal point for a meditation space, while the colourful pose in ‘Harmony’ would work really well in a contemporary space against crisp white walls.

Find the perfect match for your Buddha pictures

Help your prints look their best by choosing a material that matches their style. Create a soft Buddha canvas by printing paintings onto cotton stretched across a wooden frame. Take it a step further and frame your picture in a floating frame for a look that could grace any gallery. Or give your photographic Buddha pictures a crisp finish and gorgeous shine by printing onto acrylic glass. Prints with a high proportion of white, such as ‘Feng shui’, work well with lightweight Forex foam board. Or complement a nature shot, such as ‘Bamboo Buddha’ by printing onto rustic FSC-certified wood, ideal for Buddha pictures with strong colours and shapes.