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Christianity: Inspiring art’s masterpieces

The heavenly world has long inspired the world’s greatest artists. Countless Renaissance classics have captured the significance and meaning of the Christian religion, from the gentle face of the Madonna to the apostles at the Last Supper. Ever wished you could gaze upon the beauty and grace of the Michelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel ceiling frescos? No problem, simply choose a print of this Christian art masterpiece for your home! And it’s not all celestial cherubs and angels, our range of Christian posters includes some darker pieces depicting the flaming, fiery side to Christianity to bring a sense of drama to your décor.

Fine art Christian posters

Whatever your faith, there’s no denying that Christianity has inspired some of the world’s best-loved masterpieces. And with such a range of Bible stories to draw upon it’s not wonder - gentle angels, the Garden of Eden, the descent into Hell and the loving face of Jesus are just the start of it! Bring the peace and tranquillity you find stepping into a cathedral into your hall with calming Christian posters, such as Holman Hunt’s beautiful pre-Raphaelite piece, ‘The Light of the World’. If you are a practising Christian, why not create a dedicated area of worship in your home where you can pray and be still? Pieces like Gustave Dore’s majestic ‘Paradiso’ or Michelangelo’s ‘Sistine Madonna’ would create a calming space. Prefer a more arresting picture to create a real focal point in a room? You might like Bosch’s intense scenes in ‘Hell’ or ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’.

Contemporary prints from the Christian world

Not all Christian posters are brought to you by the grand masters, you’ll find plenty of more modern works in our collection. The colourful rainbow curving over ‘Noah’s Ark’ and all of its animals would look wonderful in a bright child’s bedroom, while the beautiful blue guardian angels in ‘I will never leave you’ create a lovely reassuring presence hung over a bed. If you’re looking for more abstract Christian posters, the dark colours and expressionist style of Franz Marc’s ‘Creation II’ would make an eye-catching addition to a living room or office.

What’s the best material for my Christian posters?

You can choose from a range of materials, but stretched cotton canvas is the obvious choice for many of the fine art painting prints. Create an authentic gallery feel and mount them in a shadow joint frame to give them the sense of grandeur that they deserve.