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Jesus Posters

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Hallelujah – it’s Jesus pictures!

Jesus Christ pictures have graced the walls of the world’s finest cathedrals, the grandest galleries – and now, your home. For devoted Christians, there can be no better way to celebrate your faith. Jesus art can serve as a daily reminder of your beliefs and your commitment to living a life filled with kindness. You don’t have to be practising Christian to appreciate a Jesus painting though, you just need to appreciate art. Many of history’s most famous artists created Jesus pictures that are regarded as some of the great masterpieces by people of all religions and none.

Heavenly inspiration for artists through the ages

The life of the charismatic son of God has provided inspiration for a wide variety of artworks from the historic to the contemporary. Some Jesus pictures are dark and edgy, whilst others have a sweet and pure style. If you’re looking for a Renaissance masterpiece, you won’t find one better than Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic painting ‘The Last Supper’. You’ll also find some striking modern Jesus pictures, such as the colourful ‘Mosaic of A Jesus Christ’.

You can hang your Jesus Christ pictures in a variety of settings. Perhaps you could create a peaceful prayer corner where you can take some time to be alone? Or choose a comforting piece, such as ‘The Good Shepherd’ or ‘Christ and the Little Child’, for your children’s bedroom to bring them sweet dreams? And what could bring that festive Christmas atmosphere better than beautiful nativity Jesus pictures?

Find the perfect material for your print

Take some time to find the best material for your chosen Jesus pictures and your prints will really shine. Dark pictures with a high level of contrast are well-suited to slender Alu-Dibond, which gives a fantastic intense finish. If you have chosen a painting from a Grand Master, you may wish to opt for stretched cotton canvas for your print. This will give you the most authentic gallery finish, particularly if you go on to pair that with an elegant floating frame.

More contemporary prints are given a wonderful glossy finish when printed onto acrylic glass, while images with a high proportion of white look best printed onto lightweight Forex foam board. And don’t forget about our most affordable option – our high-quality photo paper that can be easily framed for a professional finish.