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Hindu Posters

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Hinduism – Art Posters Convey The Philosophies Of Life From India

Originated in India and with approximately 900 million adherents today, Hinduism is considered to be the third largest of the five world religions and, at the same time, the oldest still existing religion. However, Hinduism is not a religion in the sense of Christianity or Islam, as Hindus do not worship either prophets or a founder of their religion. It is rather a variety of worldviews that overlap in their beliefs. Thus, modern Hinduism is a blend of different religious systems. Some of its main currents are Vishnuism, Shivaism and Shaktism, respectively named after their central deities. The Vedas are regarded as the oldest religious scriptures of Hinduism and gave name to the Vedic religion. Nowadays, this ancient Indian religion is no longer on the spot, yet its basic tenors are still viewed as fundamental truths. These include, for instance, the worship of a multitude of deities. Technically, however, Hinduism is just partly a polytheistic religion, because depending on particular beliefs all gods are either manifestations of one and the same deity or of the all-encompassing world soul, Brahman. One of the more famous beliefs in Hinduism is certainly the principle of rebirth, which is influenced by a person’s karma and ultimately leads to salvation. Despite the fact that vegetarianism is by no means required, the Hindu philosophy of life became popular in Western cultures for a vegetarian diet, too. Altogether, there is a worldwide fascination with the peaceful and free attitudes to life promoted in Hinduism. In the form of inspirational art prints everyone can surround his or herself with this particular Hindu spirituality. A variety of such pictures are available at Posterlounge.co.uk.

Destroyer and creator of the world in the form of symbols and lucky charms

In its religious diversity, Islam and Buddhism have influenced Hinduism, as well. Mainly with the latter Hinduism shares some beliefs, such as the central theme of enlightenment. Whereas Buddhism emphasises the way of tranquillity and meditation, Hinduism is known for buoyant celebration and yoga as a healthy relaxation technique. The symbol “om” is widespread in both religions and denotes the omnipresent, infinite, omniscient and infallible creator of the world. Hence, it expresses a deep connection to the world soul; it represents the divine in all earthly things. The sign Sri along with the octagonal star of goddess Laxmi denote prosperity and welfare – printed on art posters they serve as lucky charms for the house. Owing to various manifestations of deities, there are virtually no boundaries to the artistic representation of individual aspects. Thus, depictions of Shiva Nataraja show the “god of dancing”, who keeps destroying and recreating in his cosmic motions. The aspect of destruction is best represented by Shiva Bhairava, which means “the terrifying one”. In contrast, Shiva Shankara means “the beneficially active one” and symbolises the aspect of creation.

An expression of spiritual and cultural affinity by way of art posters

No matter which aspect one chooses from the richness of India’s religious culture, pictures of Hindu symbols and deities always express a spiritual and cultural affinity with Hinduism even within the confines of one’s own home. This may not necessarily be based on a genuine religious conviction, but it might as well take the form of a lucky charm or a token of personal inclination to the Indian culture. In any way, art prints featuring Hindu images emanate a particular spiritual fascination creating a peaceful living atmosphere.