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Pay homage to your favourite stars with fan art

Not all art was created centuries ago by painters inspired by landscapes and lords. Some of the best modern art finds inspiration in the things we all love – TV, movies, books and celebrities. It might not be highbrow or historic, but fan art is fun, relevant and, above all, it looks great!

Why shouldn’t the art you hang in your home reflect your tastes and the world we live in? After all, today’s contemporary art is tomorrow’s historic masterpiece. So browse through our collection of fan art to find beautiful creations that speak to your true interests.

A creative way to celebrate the best in modern culture

Fan art is so much more than simply hanging posters of our favourite stars – in the same way we did as teenagers. This art form takes the stars of contemporary culture and uses them as inspiration for innovative artworks. You’ll find some of the world’s most iconic and best-loved faces including David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, Freddie Mercury, Kate Moss, Nina Simone – and even Batman – all portrayed with an artistic twist.

It’s not all famous faces. There are some wonderful pieces of movie-inspired fan art, such as the black-and-white ‘HOBBIT alternative movie art’ and the ‘My minimal movie poster’ collection, which features movies as diverse as Pulp Fiction and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There’s plenty for the children, such as storybook illustrations like ‘Alice in Wonderland – The caterpillar’, Lego men, and superheroes from Batman to The Flash. They’ll love choosing their favourite to hang up in their bedrooms!

Pair your fan art with its perfect material

When you’re choosing fan art of your favourite movies and characters, you want them to look their best. So spend some time choosing the right material for your print. If your fan art has a high proportion of white background, you might want to go for lightweight Forex foam board. If your prints have bolder colours, on the other hand, then slender aluminium will give you a fantastic colour-intensive effect.

Fan art that has been painted is given a beautifully authentic finish when printed onto stretched cotton canvas and framed in a gallery-worthy floater frame. Or why not go for something a bit different to match this creative style and have your pictures printed onto wood? This gives some great extra texture. And there’s always our affordable but high-quality photo paper!