Alien posters

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Let alien posters invade your walls!

Extra-terrestrial life holds an inescapable fascination for young and old alike. Let your mind wander with thoughts of faraway planets and the life forms that might call them home by decorating your walls with supernatural posters. Children will love the cute and funny alien pictures, while adults can enjoy the thrill of scary motifs or enjoy a trip down memory lane by hanging alien posters of their favourite retro alien movies.

You’ll even find some beautiful intergalactic landscape images that gently inspire space travel daydreams. Take a journey through our collection of alien posters to find your favourites.

Something for all the family

The beauty of alien posters is that you’ll find something for all ages. A cartoon image, such as ‘First Contact Series Space 2’, is a great way to start young minds thinking about the wider Universe, while a cool print like ‘Alien Skateboarder’ will appeal to older kids and teens.

Or how about a picture of the world’s favourite alien? ‘E.T. the extra-terrestrial’ brings an artistic feel to that famous face we all know so well. What better excuse to introduce the next generation of young fans!

For something a little subtler, a stunning panoramic space landscape can be a vibrant choice. We love ‘A ringed planet rises in the night sky’, which would look amazing printed in XXL format. Or how about cheeky alien posters, such as ‘I drink therefore I am’, that would look great in a games room or office.

Pair your print with a complementary material

To help your alien posters look their best, you can choose from a range of materials. Dark starscapes are given an extra dimension of depth and shine when printed onto glossy acrylic glass. Prints with bright colours are given an intense finish when printed onto slender Alu-Dibond.

If you plan to hang cute alien posters in a child’s room, lightweight Forex foam board can be an excellent choice. Not only does enhance soft colours and delicate features, it’s light enough to hang safely on any wall. Bring a touch of class to your alien posters by printing onto stretched cotton canvas – and perhaps framing in an elegant floating frame. Or why not give retro alien motifs an authentic nod? Our high-quality photo paper gives a great performance at an affordable price.