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Dear to almost any one of us: Fairies and elves art prints and posters at Posterlounge.co.uk

The belief in the imagination of fairies and elves being part of this world may be as old as mankind itself. Many pictures, as art prints and art posters available at Posterlounge give witness to this. Throughout time and the changes that come with it, still fairies and elves have one thing in common: magic is at their command, on one way or another. They can do good things, they can do bad things – and most of the time they can do both. This is the reason why they were worshipped – almost like ‘gods’ in former times. People did not – or rather, could not - understand the workings of nature. There had to be a reason, though, for thunderstorms, floods, dryness, any matter that nature can think of to plague men. It had to be fairies, beings that probably existed for a long time when mankind was still very young – like dragons. Their existence has never been proven – yet they do exist: many an artist has been inspired by the myths and has created his own imagination into something anyone can get hold of – either through music, more often through literature, most often by painting. At Posterlounge there are to find so many charming pictures in the shape of art prints and art posters, all of them interesting, all of them kindling the imagination.

Fairies and elves: Art prints and posters at Posterlounge

One thing is for sure to our modern mind: There are no such beings as fairies and elves! Or trolls --- or any other else mythic! They cannot exist – living on the nectar of flowers, nibbling on some blossoms, not only to still their hunger, but to give strength to the plant that gives us pleasure. This is shown on many an art print and art poster. (By the way – how do fairies and elves spend their time during wintertime? Ah, probably they nestle into a deep sleep like so many an animal does - in some hidden cove.) – There are a lot of intriguing pictures available at Posterlounge to prove this. But, no, there cannot be such beings as fairies and elves. They are just a myth. We know all about the mysteries of nature by now, thanks to science. We know about thunderstorms and how to prevent floods and what has to be done ... against dryness? Well, think about it. It might not too bad an idea to remember the wisdom of our forefathers: to pay respect to nature. Because, when it comes down to it, nature is the only one thing we have. Fairies and elves are considered to be the spirits of nature. They come to us whenever we want them to – on wonderfully done murals.

The imagination we have of fairies and elves ... do we have one?

Are there very many people in this world who have not rejoiced in the very imagination that has been intrigued by the tales of fairies and elves? But --- what do they look like, these tiny ... creatures? – O, they do come in different shapes and sizes! According to the tastes and imaginations of the artists anyway, who must be experts in this field, being in close contact with those marvellous beings, simply through their imaginations´ strength. A lot of pictures, often available as art prints and art posters prove this. Those of us who where enthralled by so many a tale of evil fairies, good fairies, fairies fighting each other, may have a rather vague impression of those mysterious beings. We are told they are small – smaller than a hand, for example. But maybe ... they are smaller than a thumb? Or maybe they can vary their shape?! Surely they can. Our imagination knows they can. But pictures! To have a picture! To gaze enthralled at the work of great artists like Selina Fenech, who is responsible for such lovely pictures as “Solace”, showing a withdrawn fairy, but also for “Taking snail for a stroll”, one of the ‘cute’ kind, showing a male fairy who ... “takes a snail” – almost bigger than himself – for a walk. There is also “Fairy Gavin” to have as a mural, an art poster, an art print. “Fairy Gavin” looks like a rather ‘tough’ little boy, all muscles – but there are wings on his shoulders. They enable him to fly. And he seems very willing to take us away ... for a while.