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Fantasy Worlds

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The world of imagination: art prints and art posters from Posterlounge.co.uk

“ ... where she had a little nest above the window where the man lives who can tell fairy-tales.”- Let us accompany the little swallow, not to Denmark where she sang for Hans Christian Anderson, the famous poet, but to the world of imagination. There is a wide range of almost all kinds of pictures to be found at Posterlounge. de in the shape of art prints and art posters. The very choice though actually may be a bit hard: as though one is standing in a store stuffed with the most delicious sweetmeats and has to make a choice for only one single one of all those temptations. On the other hand – does it have to be a choice at all? There are these very cutely done murals so extraordinarily suitable for the children´s rooms. The one, for instance, showing the child snuggling up quite trustfully in the arms of an indulgently smiling half-moon: it might put baby-girl more easily to rest when bed-time closes in. Baby-boy, being a little older than his sister, may take a fancy to Mr “Red Dragon”, a beautiful picture created by Tooshtoosh.

Of unicorns and dragons: Posterlounge has them all either as art prints or as art posters

We all are sure there are no such beings as unicorns and dragons. And yet: it is so very easy to imagine a white horse, its´ smooth coat shining with the beauty of its´ sheer strength, its´ rich mane flowing, of being a unicorn. With dragons it is quite similar – those reptiles that have come throughout evolution almost unchanged – as archaeology tells us – have been, and still are, a well of inspiration for so many a picture of dragons. It is fun to delve in a world like this. Sitting in front of a mural, chosen exactly to the personal taste, makes reality fade away; if only for a little while. Yet – this little while can be of such a great importance. It is like taking a very deep breath to gather some of the strength we – sometimes almost desperately – need to cope with our day-to-day routine. An art print or art poster by Posterlounge.de offers the opportunity to “take a very little holiday”; at any time, whenever we need it.

Art prints and art posters at Posterlounge: The “Nautilus” as a ‘ship of dreams’

Do not quite a lot of people have something of this very genius in them that the writer Jules Verne became famous for? They let their imagination flow freely – as if being on board of the “Nautilus”, this sub-marine that carried Captain Nemo (his name meaning: the “No one”) through unimagined worlds. His figure is one of great tragedy and sadness. Having lost everything that was dear to him in his life, it has become his destiny to glide through the worlds where time and reality are not of any importance anymore. He takes his refuge to those spheres where even memory can not find him. And this showed to be the best cure he could choose to get rid of his pain: For it is a well known fact that an imagination with a positive attitude can be very helpful indeed. A picture, showing, for instance, the magnificent composition by the artist painter Selena Fenech, a wonderful unicorn in front of a full moon, accompanied by butterflies, all done in silvery white and several shades of blue – from the faintest hint of this colour to the deepest shade, being almost black – can soothe the mind and put the soul to rest. The same effect may be achieved while looking onto the art print or an art poster by Posterlounge.de, showing off some ‘magic dwarfs’ – it is just according to the personal taste.