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Iconic Japanese anime posters

The popular Japanese animation style of anime, or manga, is loved across the world. Famous for their wide-eyed characters, colourful graphics and edgy style, anime movies and comics have won a legion of super fans. And now you can bring that distinctive anime style can to your home with our inspirational range of manga pictures. From cutesy to dark, you’ll find beautiful anime posters that evoke the magic of Japan’s alluring mix of ancient culture and ultra-modern style. Take a look at our collection to find your favourite…

Flowery and feminine

Many anime posters have a wonderful innocent quality, with adorable children, falling petals and beautiful serene women. Using soft pinks and creams creates a romantic palette that brings Japan’s famous blossom trees to mind. Prints such as ‘Lilou perle rose poudrée’ portray the epitome of femininity, with blush-toned petals, gently falling hair and a demure pose. Slightly more abstract is the striking anime poster ‘Rei Ayanami’, which depicts a classically bewitching anime face with large red eyes and funky blue hair, the streams of paint giving the piece a melancholy tear-stained feel. Children will love the cheeky ‘froggy in my pocket’ or ‘nap time’ featuring lovable young characters. And the adorable ‘pumpkin sitter’ would look great as part of your decorations for a children’s Halloween party.

Strong and powerful

Anime posters can also portray bolder images, many using the deep reds and blacks so iconic in Japanese-inspired décor. We love the intense colours of ‘femme scorpion’ and ‘narcissus’ – they create a strong visual impact with a sultry side. Manga is also known for its powerful warrior characters. So what better way to empower your family than with strong anime images? Inspire children with strong female characters such as the flame-haired pilot in ‘Lilou aviatrice’ or bring some superhero cool to a teenager’s bedroom with ‘Vegeta Fury’.  

Choosing the right material for your anime posters

The vibrant style of anime posters can be enhanced by your choice of printing material. While our high-quality photo paper gives you an excellent finish for a reasonable price, you can also consider some of the more modern materials to reflect the contemporary anime style. Acrylic glass gives a fantastic slender, glossy finish, while rigid Forex boards are the perfect choice for pale-coloured prints.