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Creatures & Monsters – Spooky And Cuddly Fantasy Characters On Art Posters

The clock strikes midnight. Witching hour. Slowly zombies crawl from cemetery grounds; with a loud creaking vampires leave their coffins; a dragon spits fire into the air; with arms extended mummies go on a manhunt; in the distance you hear werewolves howling at the moon … Thus, the horrible haunting begins. Creatures of the night send a shiver down everybody’s spine. Derived from the Latin word ‘monstrum’, monsters were originally regarded as mementos. Monstrosities were supposed to demonstrate what humans ought not to be. Hence, they served as a warning: people who strayed from the straight and narrow might turn into a malformed being. Usually, monsters are terrifying and ugly fantasy characters. To the Ancient Greeks, however, such creatures were not merely figments of imagination: They firmly believed in meeting the three-headed hellhound Cerberus on their descent to the underworld. With sharp claws and crooked features the Oni are nasty demons in Japanese folk belief. The most dangerous beast in Nordic mythology is Fenris the wolf, that once unleashed would swallow the sun. Native American nations feared the thunderbird that could cause thunderstorms with their enormous wings. Even today, many believe in the actual existence of fantastic creatures: the Loch Ness monster and Yeti are only the most popular among possibly real monsters. Through all ages strange creatures have greatly fascinated humanity. Captured on poster or canvas print one may even get his or her very own pet monster. A monster suitable for every household can surely be found among the variety of imaginative art prints has to offer.

Do not worry; they just want to have a little fun

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? No need. Today, popular monsters are not at all evil and scary. Godzilla and King Kong have still been genuine fiends, whereas the cookie monster has introduced a whole new type of monsters. This one is only a danger to pastries. Furthermore, Casper and the Cheshire Cat are more friendly than frightening. Even the Gremlins are weirdly cute – provided you abide by the rules! Fantastic creatures and monsters have long become merry fellows, who like to behave mischievously every once in a while but are essentially good friends and companions. They just want to have a little fun. Ranging from eerie to funny, many different monstrous figures romp about the illustrations available at

Monsters live in closets, under beds and on the walls

Every child knows that monsters live in bedroom closets and under the bed. Yet, on colourful drawings, graphics and paintings they might feel quite at home on the walls, as well. From there, they watch over the inhabitants of their child’s room. They are always there, either bringing joy with their funny faces or scaring off every intruder. Pet monsters might be a little weird and they might look a little strange, but really, they are quite lovely and cuddly monsters – just the way friends are supposed to be. As a part of interior decoration the imaginative and inspiring world of creatures and monsters unfolds on posters and art prints. So, say hello to your own pet monster.