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Witches & Wizards – Strange Things Are Happening On These Pictures

„Where shall we three meet again? At Posterlounge, my magic friends!” This might just be the right spell for this category of art prints and art posters – and indeed, the charm seems to work. For strange things happen on posters with fascinating images of witches and wizards, which seem to have a touch of magic. Without it, fantasy and mythology cannot even be imagined. What would the popular old fairy tales be without the evil witch in her gingerbread house, the jealous queen and her talking mirror, the nameless dwarf and his crafts with the spinning wheel or without the fairy godmother’s wand? How would things have played out for the little mermaid, if there had been no sea witch? Would Macbeth’s destiny have taken a turn for the worse, if he hadn’t met the weird sisters? Would the one ring have been destroyed without the help of the grey wizard? And where but in the most famous school of witchcraft could Quidditch have been invented? And what else could have stuck in the minds of generations of schoolchildren but Goethe’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”? Without the magical element of witches and wizards, literature, art and film would probably be a lot less interesting. Magic fires the imagination – in the form of pictures, as well. Thus, it is fairly easy to enchant one’s own home with the magical canvas prints and posters from the online-shop at Posterlounge.co.uk.

Charmed and charming art posters from the world of witchcraft

One aspect of the magical world that has occupied authors’ and artists’ attention even before Shakespeare’s Macbeth is the witches’ sabbat. Legends have been spun around the secret, nocturnal meetings of dark creatures with eerie powers at their remote dancing ground. One of these places is the infamous “Blocksberg”, one of the Harz mountains in Germany. Allegedly, the devil was summoned here to dance. Images of the devil dancing with witches are as numerous among artistic representations as are various depictions of magical utensils. These include the book of spells, ritualistic items such as goblet and athame, as well as herbs with either healing or baleful powers. The witch herself, however, is not necessarily a demonic appearance – quite on the contrary. Instead of the hunchbacked old woman covered in warts, today’s drawings and paintings feature particularly elegant witches of supernatural beauty. The modern witch might even be a playful, childlike figure. Even Santa Clause as a magical being can be found among the images in this category.

A touch of magic to decorate one’s own four walls

What is true for powerful spells, holds true for magical posters: they need to be right in order to work. A well-chosen mural works it’s very own magic from the wall on the entire room. Thereby, it doesn’t matter whether it is a beautifully grotesque Sabbath, the secret Grimoire or Book of Shadows, or the little child-witch. In the form of art prints or posters the bewitching images from Posterlounge.co.uk lend a touch of magic to everyone’s walls. And, as is well known, magic fires the imagination.