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Witch Posters

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Witch pictures: not just for Halloween

Witches aren’t all warty noses and green skin – they can be glamorous, sexy and scary. They can even be cute and funny! Throughout history, painters have been inspired to create evocative witch art that conjures up many different moods and atmospheres from dramatic to sensual. Witch pictures can make a beautiful addition to a gothic-themed adult bedroom, but they can also add a cute splash of colour to a kid’s room, some historic grandeur to a living room, or the finishing touches to your Halloween party decorations. Whether you’re looking for horror posters or loveable pictures of witches, we’ve got you covered. Just dive in to our magical collection of witch pictures.

Witches through the ages

Our pictures of witches range from historic paintings to contemporary photographic prints. If you want to complement an elegant interior design theme, you’ll love some of the Renaissance-style paintings, such as ‘The Druidess’ or ‘The Love Potion’. Witch pictures like this would work well in a formal dining room or a traditional living room.

If you would a like a subtle print, you can find some beautiful witch pictures where the landscape is the star and the witch just adds a little interest to the scene. ‘The Witches Home’ and ‘Walpurgis Night’ both showcase stunning landscapes. You might be surprised that witch pictures can be a great choice for a child’s bedroom. The bright colours in ‘Hansel and Gretel fairy tale series’ and the cute learner witches in ‘The school of witches’ will add an educational touch to each room and appeal to your little ones’ love of the imaginative and the magical – without scaring them! You’ll also find witch pictures that are strictly for adults only, perhaps as a sensual focal point in your bedroom?

Choose a magical material

Help your witch pictures cast their spell by choosing a material that complements them. Historic paintings are given an authentic museum feel when printed onto stretch cotton canvas and hung in a floating frame – the final effect is elegant enough for any top gallery. Contemporary prints work best with modern materials to enhance their sleek quality. Glossy acrylic glass gives a beautiful shine and depth to images, while lightweight Forex foam board brings out the delicate details of images with a high proportion of white. And of course, there’s always our high-quality, high-performance photo paper. It’s such good value you can afford a whole collection of witch pictures!