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More Than Just Clothes: Fashion Posters As An Art Form

Hello, beautiful people! And this might be of special interest to fashionistas, trend-setters and members of the in-crowd: Posterlounge offers wall decoration complementary to individual styles on posters and exclusive canvas prints. Wall decoration in accordance with the latest trends in outfit – do you need something like that? Well, this is certainly no question for fashion enthusiasts with a strong sense of aesthetics and a passion for good taste. Of course style and fashion are not only relevant for the contents of one’s closet but also as an influence on interior design and decoration. Fashion is more than just clothing, as it reflects lifestyle and offers a wide range of opportunities to express individual personality. It’s not merely die-hard fashionistas who appreciate the beautiful, genteel things in life and within their homes. Every fashion-conscious person can create that touch of glamour in his or her living space with canvas or poster prints of the timeless style of historical fashion, the latest trends from Paris, London, Milano or New York as well as artistic representations of famous fashion icons.

fashion posters - Crinoline dresses, Hollywood and cultic design

Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood did not really invent fashion. Trends, whims and quirks all around clothing are probably as old as mankind itself. A long time before top models arrived in the 1990s, mainly distinguished ladies of high nobility served as fashion icons of their time. Be it empress Sisi in her luxurious wedding gown or Marie Antoinette in a Baroque crinoline dress crafted with great attention to detail, art prints of historical paintings radiate a timeless elegance. Naturally, the famous fashion icons of the 20th century cannot go amiss among the extensive range of products this online poster shop offers. By all means, glamorous divas from the high period of Hollywood stardom render any wall a fancy eye-catcher. Among others, those divas include Marilyn Monroe and her seductive smile, Audrey Hepburn and her starring role in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”, fiery Brigitte Bardot and matchless Elizabeth Taylor. To pay homage to a more recent design cult, the online shop also offers some mind-blowing and wicked creations of the latest days in fashion history as drawings and paintings refined to genuine works of art.

A small piece of the whole wide world of fashion

With fashion posters and art prints from the subject areas of women’s and men’s clothing as well as swim wear and evening attire anybody can creatively implement his or her own individual ideas in interior decoration. Thereby, the scope of artistic styles ranges from historical tableaus in the realist mode to modernist representations of women to cutting-edge lounge-style pictures with their wide and harmonious colour patches. This way, individual sense of fashion reflects through wall decoration – which is all the more interesting when it comes to images taken directly from the catwalk. According to the old cliché – and let’s face it, there is some truth in it – shoes exert a special kind of fascination not only on women. Which should it be: High Heels, flip-flops or Converse Chucks? This choice of images is not merely a question of taste but gives away a lot about the owner’s lifestyle. After all, fashion is more than just clothing – even put on canvas and posters as a form of art.