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Jewellery – Precious Adornment and Token of Beauty on Art Posters

„Beauty is the only constant I know“, American designer Geoffrey Beene once said. And he is not alone in this opinion. According to recent research, people have adorned themselves with shells as early as 100.000 years ago. From the Stone Age necklaces made of stones, bones and pearls are known. With the development of metalworking and glass making, noble metals and gemstones along with glass beads took over from natural materials. First and foremost, pretty adornment serves beautification. In addition, jewellery is revealing about the social status of its wearer, as is the case with sumptuous jewellery or noble crown jewels. However, necklaces, rings, tiaras and earrings have many more functions. Jewellery has always served as means of identification for social or religious communities. Different cultures have yielded their very own decorative objects. Thus, people can express their ethnicity or affinity with a certain culture by wearing respective jewellery. Moreover, jewellery is an expression of individual personality. Piercings or implants, gold or leather bracelets, rings with small or large gems, creoles or studs – it is always a question of personal taste and mood. And whatever becomes the wearer cannot go amiss in his or her surroundings. Art prints of jewellery embellish the interior of one’s home in a unique way. Suitable to taste and mood, Posterlounge offers such poster and canvas prints in excellent variety.

„Read my pins“ – the language of jewellery

„Read my pins,“ is what former American Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, called her collection of anecdotes. It is also the label of an exhibition displaying her eccentric brooches. Albright is well known for her “pin diplomacy”, because she liked to express her thoughts through jewellery. Meeting the Iranian vice prime minister after being called a snake by the Iranian press she wore – of course – a glittery snake on her lapel. When her comments were likely to sting, she warned her opposite with a pin in the shape of a wasp. Jewellery sends more or less subtle messages in many ways. For instance, its rarity and sun glitter has made gold the metal of kings and gods. Even today, golden jewels are regarded as particularly noble; as a status symbol, this effect rubs off on the wearer. The pearl has a special meaning in many cultures. In China, nacre symbolises wisdom and dignity, in India it means an abundance of children. In Western cultures pearls are called “tears of the sea”. In their perfect purity they are also a symbol for Jesus Christ.

Jewels for people, jewels for walls

Above all, jewellery serves embellishment – that applies to people as much as it applies to their own four walls. Regardless of how functional the interior of a flat might be designed, only decoration matching the resident’s personal taste makes it home. People generally like to surround themselves with beautiful things and embellish bare walls with ornamental drawings and paintings. If illustrations of precious jewellery, pearls and gemstones are displayed on poster and canvas, they will create a particularly noble atmosphere. They will simply be jewels for walls.