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Flowers &Blossoms: Photo posters from

Flower photographs are beautiful - in every season, in every color and shape! You can experience the variety of flowers and flower world best with an elaborate photo posters. Great flower shots in different seasons, stunning macro images, or flower still - lifes for all desires and design ideas whether the appropriate images to the selection poster lounge. A picture of a flower or several fantastic flowers is a timeless classic that fits as a decorative photo poster on every wall. Flowers must not always be feminine and gentle, but can be very expressive on a poster, & using the language of flowers can convey even certain meanings. The magical plants are to attract animals actually, especially insects, which contribute to the dissemination of pollen and seed. The bright and cheerful colors attract also people, particularly artists and photographers that get the flowers in your own four walls. While a bouquet hs been wilting, the motif of the charming favorite flower is an image almost forever -all without watering and fertilizing!

Speak with flowers: beautiful flower pictures and their importance

Flowers and dreams are not only a magical eye-catcher for your own home as a photo poster, but can convey a deeper meaning. The flower symbolism or even flower language, certain meanings assigned to the various flowers One of the most famous examples is the rose. High affection and love are expressed with the picture of this delicate flower. The rose is regarded as the Queen of flowers. Depending on the color she can also stand for purity, hope, friendship and loyalty. Many people see the Calla or the White Lily as a traditional mourning flower. The poster of this pure beauty can't remember on the transience of all existence, as well as to a loved one. With Orchid, jasmine and cyclamen on pictures you can express admiration and recognition. In Germany, one of the most popular flowers is the Tulip and is therefore often used by photographers as a colorful motif for an adorable flower image, generally associated with her kindness and indulgence. White Tulip flowers stand for a hopeless love, purple for a undying love, yellow and red or pink tulip flowers are interpreted as a confession of love. Colorful decoration or profound wall decoration – flowers and blossoms are the perfect subject for a timeless photo poster!

Discover the healing power of plants as a poster!

There is much more than a beautiful design for a poster behind flowers and blossoms. Many plants and especially their flowers and blossoms have healing powers. Chamomile flowers look particularly pretty and delicate images. In medicine, it can be helpful to these flowers as tea, for example, for stomach and intestinal problems. The fragrant splendour of the lime tree, Linden, help with any cold and are an old home remedy for fever, pain, anxiety, inflammation and circulatory disorders. Marigolds are used in cosmetics but also on images. In medicine, the flowers against mouth and throat space inflammation can help. They are also an effective remedy for strains and bruising. The beautiful Lavender is often grown in all fields and used not only in perfumery. The delicate, bluish flowers of True Lavender used in pharmacy for anxiety and sleep disorders. Photo poster of enchanting flowers and blossoms are not only a fantastic and classic wall decoration, but remind the viewer always on the miracles and healing powers of nature.