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Poppy Posters

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Bring colour to your home with poppy pictures

At the edge of the field, in the front yard, on a photo poster or in a bouquet of flowers: thanks to the red colour, poppies catch immediately the eye of the beholder. Few flowers have such an iconic status as the poppy. Those bright red petals and long stems have a stunning visual impact, filling fields for miles on end. Poppies, of course, have other connotations and so poppy prints can also have a strong emotional impact. Who could fail to be moved by the sombre French poppy fields that grew in the wake of the trenches and horrors of WWI? Poppies serve as a flower of remembrance and of peace - and this peaceful atmosphere is something that poppy pictures can bring into your home

Poppy pictures in paint

Artists through the centuries have been inspired to paint the beauty of poppies on their canvases. Claude Monet’s masterpiece, ‘The Poppy Field’, perfectly captures the sunny warmth, the wispy clouds and the bright colours of the flowers on a summer’s day in France. Gustav Klimt’s vivid ‘Field of Poppies’ uses an intense green backdrop for his poppies and cornflowers and would make a stunning focal point for a room decorated in neutral tones. More contemporary paintings, such as ‘Funny Poppy’ and ‘Summertime’ are popular ways of bringing a subtle splash of colour to a conservatory or hallway without being overwhelming.

Poppy pictures captured on camera

Opting for a photographic print of poppies is a lovely way of introducing their colour and vibrancy in a modern way. The breath-taking beauty of sunbeams falling on a field of poppies in ‘Last Summer’ or the bright colours of ‘Red poppies on green field’ are stunning landscape prints. Getting up close with the delicate petals of poppies also makes for a striking print that would work well in most rooms. We love the gentle ‘Poppies 21’ or the more dramatic ‘Red poppies being drenched in rain’.

Emotive poppy pictures

Art is emotional. Even simple prints can conjure strong feelings – and that’s part of art’s power. Embrace this with a moving piece of poppy art, such as ‘Poppy Flypast’. The stark contrast of red poppies against a black and white background is also extremely powerful, such as in ‘Idyllic Field of Poppies with Sun’.

You’ll find a selection of materials on offer for your poppy pictures. Our traditional posters printed on high-quality photo poster are a great budget-friendly option, while slender Alu-Dibond sheets are a great choice for colour-intensive prints of those bright red poppies.