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Sunflower Posters

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Sunflowers: Photo posters from Posterlounge.co.uk

It is one of the most popular flower kinds, the sunflower. Very tall it is reaching out for the sun and spreads during its blossom time the feeling of pure summer. Even during rainy autumn days sunflowers are just magic, they turn our hearts upside down with their shiny yellow blossom leaves when only looking at them. That might be the reason why they, if as photo poster or picture, they spread the best mood in your own home. Sunflowers are the provider of good mood and always stand for the message of „I like you“. Sunflowers as plant or image give us happiness, warmth and optimism whereas they stroke our soul even only as poster or canvas picture. They are the symbol of a summer as it should be. Originally the wild sunflower descend from North- and Middle America and was cultivated at the Mississippi and Mexico City 2500 before Christ. Their name derives from the Greek language, Helios means light, the sun; anthos means flower. And the legend of the sunflower speaks volumes: A girl fell in love but was rejected by the beloved man, god Apollon. After nine days of love sickness her pain turned into yellow and brown colours – the girl became a sunflower herself and has been reaching out for Apollo`s sun waggon since then.

The power of the sunflower as a plant or as a poster

After all the heartache of the girl – how stunning and breath-taking whole fields of sunflowers are, which create a unique yellow radiance! And besides this beauty of nature sunflowers are very useful as well. The sunflower oil, which is gained through the sunflower seeds, is through the contained polyunsaturates highly healthy for the human. It can be used as cooking oil or for salads, too. Refined, it can be used as lubricating oil. Even in the cosmetics industries sunflower oil is contained in crèmes and other products. And what power the sunflower must have as its seeds can be used as biofuel! A more flexible flower can not be existing. So it is no wonder that the sunflower as a poster is comparable with a chameleon, too. Besides its radiant appearance, its powerful colours and the sharp photo shots you can discover the totally different side of this marvellous flower: The silent pictorial language of a romantic still life which speaks for the sunflower in a very simple way – like a soft melody, nearly magic. If sunflower fields or single blossom – the strength of this magic flower remains distinctive.

A symbol of joy, peace and love to the nature

The sunflower even is more facetted – it is not only a good-mood-provider, friendship mediator and cultivated flower – it is a symbol as well. Since the revolution of 1968 the sunflower stands for the Hippie movement and is still connected with that. As a metaphor of peace, for a better world in general it symbolizes the love to nature, the Flower Power generation and furthermore is the trademark of the Green Party in Germany, which resulted from the political movement in the 70s and called itself after the political change in Germany „Bündnis 90/Die Grünen“. Even today the sunflower is still a dominant element of their logo. As a symbol of growth and development sunflowers are often given as a present for the harvest festival. The colourful autumn bunches compete with the foliage of the trees and give power, joy and a big smile in people`s faces. There is a reason for the saying „Say it with flowers!“ – the sunflower is joy of life to the edge.