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Wildflower Prints

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Wild flowers

Even in winter time the pictures of a summery day we can not get out of our heads: Marvellous light, the swoosh of the leaves in the soft and warm wind, the wild flowers which seem to dance in rhythm on the fields and grass and a wide smile on people`s faces. Wild flowers are a little miracle of nature. Seemingly built by wind and bees, in the brightest colours, robust against wind and rain and big drought, that is nature`s magic! Sometimes it happens that one can get the smell into one`s noses only by looking at the most magical images, if as posters or canvas prints. Immediately one finds him- or herself back on the summery meadow and in the centre of the summer feeling provided by the motif, even at grey-cold November days or in icy cold wintertime. Wildflowers draw the picture of one’s childhood. The walks and excursions with our parents, the wandering on the meadow at the own house, the way home from the kinder garden - nothing else you could spend your time better with than to stop to pick up a bunch of wild flowers, to look at the wild blossoms or to plait a crown of flowers.

A meadow of wild flowers for your home – wild flowers are in fashion

Back to nature is the big trend, which you can see in fashion and in interior as well. Decorations for living -and bedrooms are more and more made of natural „ingredients“ like wood, flowers or nature-like materials. Even the themes of a wedding reflect more and more the playful-romantic natural finish. Wild flowers like grasses, daisies, wild marguerites or bellflowers cannot be left out. Even in an ordinary flower shop they are put in the shop bunches to present them in a more special and unique way. The summer-meadow-bunch creates – even conserved as a photo – a fresh and natural atmosphere and a big smile on people`s faces. In winter they warm our hearts, in spring they make you wish for more and in autumn they remind us on the past summer. Especially for the friends of nature, for flower fans and for gardeners wild flowers stand for a piece of art by nature. They create joy, spread optimism and have one big advantage: The do fit in each room to every occasion. They are all-round talents.

Daisies, Bellflowers, Dandelion – the stars of the wildflower-scene

They shine in white, yellow or purple, are called daisies, bellflowers or buttercups and make every meadow to their stage. They widely grow, catch people eyes through their simple beauty and are a competitor for every other flower, like roses or lilies: The wildflowers. One of the naturalness ‘ stars are the wild marguerites. As a metaphor of pure happiness it can be given to everyone, just like that. As a small thank you bellflowers are often used, which say thanks without any words. Cornflowers, often to find in the middle of cornfields, stand for softness and express hope. Secret love is symbolized by the wild black eyes. Picked up by hand, a bunch of wild flowers is one of the best presents to give, you give your heart away with it. But wildflowers do miracles as well. The daisy fights sickness through its substance as essential oils, bitterns and tanning agents. It is a healing herb and good for your metabolism – good-bye spring fever! As tea or juice it has the effect against head colds and coughs, heals wounds and other skin problems.