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Food Posters

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Diet and Delight: Art Prints and Art Posters from Posterlounge.co.uk

„Food and drink keep body and mind together“; mankind knows this saying for centuries. There is a lot of wisdom in these words, for life it is essential to keep body and mind healthy. The delight, however, that food and drink can give us, acts sometimes as a treat for our soul. Even dieticians know by now about the brightening effect of chocolate on our mood. And who does not know the phenomenon of a watering mouth by looking at a beautifully arranged dish? So it seems quite natural to do so as the smart ones in the gastronomic trade do – to decorate the place where you eat your food with delight through a pleasant art print or art poster. A mural for example, showing a handful of strawberries looking as fresh as if they had been sliced at this very moment by an experienced chef´s hands and arranged among their leaves´ splendour, will lead your thoughts automatically towards pure sweetness, carefree delight, early summer, bonhomie. At Posterlounge one can roam and „feed“ ones pleasure in the senses of aesthetics.

Emphasize your dining area at home with Posters: Diet and Delight as an Inspiration for Daily Life

„Food has to be good to look at“, is an old saying. Because food not only satisfies the appetite and eliminates pangs of hunger; it can also be displayed in a very attractive way. Even to look at a glass filled with strawberry tea, celebrated as a work of art on an art print or poster might heighten the mood after a long day of work or when feeling weary in the morning. There seem to be no limits to the aesthetics the artists lend, thanks to their creativeness, even to a plain subject like a a cup of tea. Let yourself be inspired by the contemplative spirit a carefully selected art print or poster can provide through its atmospherically dense display of wine and grapes, an airy landscape and the tangible flair of the south, while preparing a dinner with a sense of delight for approved guests. - But possibly it turns out to be the coffee cup, newly defined and interpreted on a mural, to wet the appetite for the first pick-me-up in the morning and to stimulate the spirits when the mood for a new day is at a low ebb?

Exclusively Fine Art Prints by Posterlounge.co.uk: The Aesthetic of Nutrition and Delight

By looking back over the centuries and into our present, it becomes quite obvious how important ordinary actions like eating and drinking always have been and still are: not only for the individual, but also for the wide fields of medicine, gastronomy and retail trade, although, first and foremost, for the world of arts. We might turn our attention towards the beggar boys feasting on grapes and melons, immortalized by Bartolome Esteban Murillo, a 17th century spanish painter; or look closely at a still life by Paul Cézanne, the great impressionist; or regard the realistically and yet with a blink in his eye portrayed monk by Euard Grützner, comforting himself with a jug of beer; or inspect the luxuriant „Still-Leben“ by the artist Cornelis de Heem – all these art prints are, among many others, a genuine ornamentation not only for the superior kitchen to brighten up the room; their high quality even satisfies the requirements of a very tastefully furnished dining room or even a lounge. A poster with the depiction of diet and delight creates in all rooms the pleasant alliance of art and ... living life to the full.