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Coffee Posters

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Coffee Art Print: Art Posters at Posterlounge.co.uk

Either after waking up, through afternoon tiredness or to work through the whole night; we really need it as it is the absolute refreshment booster: Coffee! It is a matter of taste if we drink it with milk, sugar or plainly just black. In the whole wide world coffee is known in various names and types. The Italians love their espresso, the Spanish like it with some sweet milk as a Cortado, the French love it with loads of milk as Café au lait. With cream, cocoa and a shot of brandy coffee is an absolute special treat and arouses some good enjoyment with its lovers and fans. A coffee poster in the kitchen has an appetising effect for sure and tempts us to have one or another cup of this marvellous hot drink. Furthermore coffee is an expression of a special life style. It stands as a symbol for pleasure and culture and is very popular in every country and age. With an image of coffee or cappuccino, of an espresso or a latte one can appreciate it as a delicacy and the picture itself gives the room the touch of a café-like atmosphere. Art prints and posters do not only awaken the association oft the full coffee fragrance, they inspire to try more different creations as well, with cinnamon, Muscat, sweet cream or a tiny sip of brandy – imaginations are not limited! Have a look at posterlounge.co.uk and find pure enjoyment!

Experience it as a Poster: Coffee – More than only a Refreshment Booster!

We all know that coffee is the best deliverer of caffeine, the substance which brings liveliness or keeps us wake. But in the black beans there is a lot more to discover! Caffeine is said to make us a bit more cheerful. And coffee is to calm us down, too and is supposed to be helpful with falling asleep. But that only is valid fort he first fifteen minutes after having it drunk. After that, caffeine is exploring its effect to push energy into us. The rumour coffee is dehydrating, has been disproved recently. But a glass of water belongs to the cup of coffee like the sand belongs tot he sea. Enjoy your coffee in a cosy kitchen why not beautify it with a wonderful art print of coffee? As soon as it was drunk its ground can be used as a useful helper in the house. Mixed with soap it helps against dirty hands. A body scrub made oft he coffee grounds makes a radiant complexion. In the garden it helps to make the soil fertile. And what could be better than to read the future from the grounds? Coffee is an expression of pure enjoyment and makes every kitchen or living room more attractive.

Red beans, black Pleasure. Coffee as an exclusive Art Print!

Before we can have coffee as the dark hot steaming fluid, the coffee has had a long journey. The coffee plant is a bush plant with white blossoms and small fruits, which contain two beans. Those beans get a red colour. After the harvest those beans are getting dried and roasted. The time of roasting influences the coffee`s taste and wholesomeness. The beans can be used as a whole fruit or ground. Posterlounge has a big number of art prints and posters in stock, which express the love to coffee and its pleasure. With coffee images you can breathe in the feeling of life and create a magical atmosphere of an awesome café.