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Spices &herbs in pictures: Photo poster from Posterlounge.co.uk

Spices and herbs don`t belong in the soup only, but instead are an excellent image for the wall. Because spices and herbs can be really experience dwith all your senses! As posters, for example, in the kitchen, they provide fresh and creative stimulation during the cooking. Whether mint, parsley, basil, chili, pepper or Curry - the colours of various spices and herbs are colorful, the diversity seemingly unlimited! Therefore, they perfectly fit to an individual and creative image design. Some spices and herbs are so exclusive and rare, that their procurement and hence their price are enormously high. Without them, every meal would taste the same and very fade. There are also country-specific herbs and spices. Who sees images of Chili, he or she often thinks of the Asian cuisine which can be very hot to the part. Paprika powder, however, is considered as a typical spice of Hungary. And with a photo poster of the bright yellow curries every viewer does not only think of the delicious taste and the famous Berlin Currywurst but also India. Posterlounge presents the wide variety of spices and herbs in pictures, so that everyone can decorate his own four walls with splashes of colourful and fresh color!

Discover diversity from around the world with new flavors on photo posters

If lavender of Provence or Moroccan Mint, basil, Nasturtium or chive - there are many world famous and very common herbs and spices. The "basics" certainly include salt and pepper. But here one can distinguish different types, flavors and above all price ranges. Often seen in salt, for example, already on an image whether it is fine, inexpensive iodized salt or expensive, large Fleur de Sel. But this salt is not the most expensive spice in the world! High quality, genuine vanilla ranked second, while saffron, which is lavishly produced from the pistils of crocus, is the most expensive spice in the world. Although the extraction of this expensive spice is very time consuming, beautiful landscapes full of crocus fields, providing a breathtaking scene for a photo poster due to manufacturing. One can distinguish not only their price, but also for their spices herbs and spices. Especially the sharpness of chili peppers and chili products are measured and compared. Currently occupied the Naga Jolokia chili according to the Guinness Book of world records the first place in terms of sharpness. Alone at the sight of a poster of this dangerous, red beauty, they seem to feel a slight sharpness in the throat. No matter whether expensive, sharp or rarely - with a high-quality photograph of delicious spices and herbs everyone the right image gets taste guaranteed!

Inspiration for cooking - colourful spices & herbs posters

While searching just for matching accessories for the kitchen design in your own kitchen, he or she can detect a wide range of spices from all over the world as a photo poster from posterlounge. India, Thailand, Mexico, Tuscany or China - each country uses a specific herbs’ and spices’ range. A picture of an extraordinary and exotic spice in the kitchen can be therefore an incentive to break the own country spice palette. Also, spices and herbs as posters are a colorful and decorative source of inspiration for every cook who loves it to create new culinary discoveries. Gourmet created so for example already chocolate with Chili, Basil or sweet cake with Rosemary ice cream. There are endless activities you need when cooking and baking just a little courage! Whether culinary source of inspiration or not: herbs and spices are a fabulous theme for decorative images.