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Abstract Art – Modernism’s Ground-Breaking Forms Of Expression On Art Posters

There is hardly any other genre of art more open to interpretation and more prone to individual moods than Abstract Art. At the beginning of the 20th century, pioneers of abstract painting such as Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Piet Mondrian and Robert Delauny abjured traditional, historical painting to explore innovative ways of expression far from naturalist and realist representations of reality. Even today, paintings of the period – unusually abstracted or entirely lacking reference to real objects – exert their influence on contemporary art. Artists that have soon achieved massive popularity are still in great demand. Posterlounge.co.uk offers art prints and art posters featuring popular and less well-known pictures of this Modernist school of art. Currently, fascinating paintings by artist Paul Klee and by Russian artists Lyubov Sergeevna Popova and Olga Vladimirovna Rosanova are among the variety of canvas and poster prints. In this online-shop, art lovers looking for abstract and playful compositions may discover elegant murals, which create an ambience open and different to every spectator.

Abstract forms, atonal dissonances and the Blue Rider

The beginning of Abstract Art as an umbrella term for numerous schools of fine arts and music is set around 1910, marking one of the most interesting changes in cultural history since Romanticism. With the emergence of photography as a lifelike facsimile to reality, this function became somewhat redundant in painting. The first artists began to realize their new artistic freedom and departed from the realistic depiction of the real world. Instead, they explored artistic alienation. Yet, abstract art is not restricted to painting: sculptors took the same great liberties in creating and presenting their works, as well. Abstraction multiplies and develops in musical trends, which likewise departed from traditional notions of tunes to enjoy tantalising dissonances. By means of atonal music, composers of the time abstracted and revolutionised listening experiences. In painting, the community “The Blue Rider” brought about a sudden and enormous success for Abstract Art within the framework of the Modernist movement. Thus, they paved the way for many artistic movements to come up to several schools of Contemporary Art. Just like these cutting-edge artists, the spectator can loose him or herself in their pictures and express their own imagination.

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This leeway for interpretation allowed for Abstract Art to develop an extraordinary range of styles and variations from its beginnings. For instance, geometric abstraction is characterised by the use of distinct lines and the sectioning of areas revealing geometric figures such as square, rectangle, triangle, circle and ellipsis. Likewise, constructivism expresses its abstract art according to a formal principle of mathematical constructions. In contrast, abstract expressionism puts emphasis on emotion and spontaneity rather than perfection and regulation. In relation to techniques of painting and levels of abstraction this style displays a special versatility. Both, the creation and interpretation of such works of art, demand emotions and individual moods from artist and spectator alike. Hence, an art print from the great range of abstract art expresses the owner’s personality in a highly subjective and individual way while still creating a free and open atmosphere for guests.