Botanical prints

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Beautiful botanical prints

Flowers are one of Mother Nature’s biggest gifts. And we all have our favourites – whether it’s the delicate petals of Japanese cherry blossoms or the romance of a single English rose, the vivid orchids of the jungle or the spiky desert cactus. Fresh flowers have been used to decorate our homes for centuries, but now you can choose a long-lasting floral focal point with our selection of beautiful botanical prints. Take a look and you’ll find floral prints to suit all tastes and colour schemes…

Pretty and delicate prints

The fragile beauty of flowers has inspired artists throughout the ages. Delicate botanical prints capture the pretty colours of the garden and bring them into your home. Country-style décor suits traditional botanical prints of favourite flowers, such as roses, peonies and tulips. Keen gardeners will love annotated sketches of plants and their Latin names, such as ‘Trifolium arvense’ or ‘Wildflowers, Sowerby 1281-1300’. The pastel tones and use of flowers in sensual portrait paintings like ‘Cornelia’ and ‘Perle D’Ore’ have a soft romance that would work well in the bedroom. Delicate graphic prints that use muted greys and whites, such as ‘Abstract seamless floral pattern’ or ‘Flowery’, create a more modern floral look that will make contemporary homes look fantastic. Popular cherry blossoms steal the show in botanical prints like ‘Kihaku’ and vintage art lovers also have plenty to choose from.

Bold and exotic blooms

Botanical prints are a fantastic choice if you want to add a splash of bright colour to your home. The rich colours of the rainforest are especially inspiring, with exotic flowers and spectacular birds of paradise joining forces in many of our tropical prints, such as ‘Flower bucket in the rainforest’. If you love deep colours and want to steer clear of pretty pinks, then a print of palm fronds and jungle leaves can be a stunning choice. The contemporary look of ‘Watercolour palm leaves on white’ celebrates nature in universally appealing colours!

Choose the perfect material for your botanical prints

Make sure your flowery prints look their best by selecting the right material. Simple prints with a white background look great printed onto lightweight Forex foam board, while vibrant and colourful prints are enhanced with slender Alu-Dibond. For a glossy look, choose contemporary acrylic glass and if you’re on a budget, our high-quality photographic paper gives a good finish at an affordable price.