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Unique Zentangle art

You might recognize this style of art best from the grown-up colouring book craze that is currently hitting the shops. Experts believe that creating beautiful images from repeated structured patterns has a beneficial effect on your well-being, bringing about a feeling of calm, creativity and satisfaction. And you don’t have to make your own creation to feel Zentangle’s uplifting effects – simply hang some unique Zentangle art in your home! We have a wide selection of pictures, from animals and flowers to mandalas and abstract art, all with those fantastically intricate Zentangle patterns.

Inject some colour with Zentangle art

Many Zentangle artworks cleverly use a dazzling array of colours, giving them a vibrant rainbow look. Choosing a colourful picture is an eye-catching way of adding a pop of colour to your home design. The candy colours of ‘Horse love pink’ would work well in a child’s bedroom, while the cool grey-green background and touches of hot pink of ‘Flamingos seafoam’ would look fantastic as an addition to trendy white walls in a kitchen. For a subtler hint of colour, the soft purples of ‘Abstract flowers purple’ are striking in their simplicity, while the warm browns and greens of ‘Happy Sloth’ would look fantastic against cream or beige tones in a cosy study or living room.

Keep it cool with monochrome Zentangle art

When the patterns of Zentangle are so interesting, keeping the colours monochrome can have great impact. Choosing a black-and-white piece is a lovely choice for hanging on a boldly painted feature wall, as you won’t have to worry about any clashing of colours. The simplicity of monochrome means the patterns can really shine. Try the captivating ‘tiger chief’ with his imposing stare, or the subtle beauty of the delicate peacock tail patterns in ‘peacock garden’.

Brighten up your day with cute Zentangle art

Choose a piece with an inspiring message to really maximise the uplifting power of Zentangle art. We love the cute elephant in ‘life is beautiful’ and the cheery floral design in ‘do what you love’. And what could be a more positive start the day than seeing ‘today is going to be awesome’ hanging in your kitchen or hallway?

You can choose from a range of materials for your Zentangle art. Colourful pieces look great on Alu-Dibond, while monochrome motifs look their best printed on Forex boards. And of course you can always choose purse-friendly photo paper!