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Well spotted: Caricatures On Art Prints From Posterlounge.co.uk

Many of those funny pictures being shared all through social networks under the name of “internet memes” are, in fact, caricatures. On Greek vases, Roman mural paintings and on Egyptian papyrus distorted pictures with a certain guarantee to make you smile have been around even in the ancient world. Ever since, satirical drawings and paintings have been used to simply ridicule someone or something, as means to criticise social and political circumstances in a most subjective way or even as a “weapon” in public debate. This is mainly due to their derisive nature. A caricature exposes fundamental (and usually negatively connoted) features of its subject by exaggeration and enhancement. Thus, its subject becomes the butt of the joke, either in a harmless and humorous way or in a more aggressive and acrimonious fashion. Almost every daily newspaper features a cartoon commenting on current events and mocking mistakes of politicians. And if it’s fun on newspaper pages and social networks, why not put it to the wall in your own home? For this purpose, Posterlounge’s online shop offers caricatures on canvas and poster print ranging from nice and lovely to profoundly evil.

Celebrities and their look into the distorting mirror

Of course a good look into the distorting mirror of cartoon art is most enjoyable when we see the faces of celebrities from media, sports and politics reflected there. Frankly, the best laughs have always been on the rich and beautiful and powerful… The shop’s product range provides such laughs with art prints of many celebrity faces in delightfully funny situations. Those include, for instance, the German football national team dressed in drag, the Rolling Stones and Tokio Hotel in concert, as well as famous film mobsters such as Al Pacino in “The Godfather” or Robert DeNiro in “Goodfellas” – they’re all getting their legs pulled here. The same goes for especially popular political caricatures, which range from “Mother Merkel” to a variety of German politicians. Within this category not only current events are being presented as detailed illustrations on art posters but also historical figures such as Bertold Brecht and George Gershwin or characters from literature such as Don Quixote and Don Camillo

Hamlet, glamour cows and the meaning of life

Speaking of comical depictions of literary heroes, Hamlet cannot be forgotten: “To be or not to be” the skeleton with a human head in its hand wonders. Well, American cartoonist Bill Abbott has already found this very meaning of life. According to his illustrations, wine and cigars make a human life a happy one. Just like his colourful drawings about social interactions and relationships, culinary joys and, for sure, wine. On canvas and poster, humorous representations of everyday life are available on Posterlounge.co.uk, as well. Thus, one can enjoy excessively correct representations of common job profiles such as doctor or waiter on the walls of the office or at home. One might also like to decorate his or her walls with the delightfully funny glamour cows by illustrator Tanja Doronina, which smartly ridicule the luxurious “lady” of high society. It doesn’t matter which caricature forces the loudest laugh, humorous art in the form of wall decoration makes every house guest smile at least a little and creates a casual and cheerful atmosphere in every room.