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Dark Humour

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Provocative Pictures – Challenging And Tenacious Art Prints

By definition, provocation is an action designed to cause a certain desired reaction. So in a broader sense, even the utterance of “hello” in expectation of an answer would count as provocation. However, common understanding – in accordance with the very category of this online-shop – defines provocation as a deliberate play with social taboos in order to cause a strong reaction. Interestingly enough, this form of provocation in humour and art usually gains quite a strong, yet hardly ever a homogenous reaction in a group of people. There are very different opinions on provocative pictures: some spectators are delighted or break into fits of laughter while others shake their heads in dismay. Some are shocked at the sight of certain images and might even experience a feeling of rejection. This applies particularly to the representation of objects and gestures commonly regarded as improper. People just don’t do that. Or do they? Those who appreciate provocation, do not shun the indignation of others and enjoy toying with taboos may want to take a look at the tenacious art prints and art posters offered at Posterlounge.co.uk.

Scathing humour and social taboos

The area of eroticism provides quite a number of the aforementioned social taboos, especially in representations of fetish and bondage images, which can be found here in the form of high quality drawings. When it comes to provocative content, one certainly treads on thin ice when moving from the private to the political sphere. In this field, caricatures and cartoons commenting current events and human interactions include Napoleon as leviathan, North Korea’s head of state, Kim Jong-un, as a laughingstock or the upright housewife as a dominatrix. Art prints and art posters displaying military images touch on another political taboo. For instance, acrid satires on the public controversy concerning police violence during marches depict fully armed policemen with the caption “Dance with me” or “Save the last dance for me”. Likewise, artful illustrations of physical violence transport a cynical message directed at perpetrators as much as victims. Religious caricatures of this category might be of a less political character but they are by no means less provocative. Pictures showing tenacious jokes at the clergy’s expense might not please everybody’s sense of humour. However, people who appreciate and enjoy acrimonious humour and the breaking of taboos are sure to find at least one favourite image among the range of provocative pictures at Posterlounge.

Perky wall decoration with provocative murals

It doesn’t have to be the most acrimonious of images, either. Among the great variety of canvas and poster prints there are some rather perky and frivolous pictures, as well. Thus, illustrations of the infamous gesture including the middle finger serve as a symbol for rebellion and aggression. Most spectators will not be very offended by it, yet it still catches the eye as an attraction. Similarly, murals of smoking persons will probably not scandalize visitors despite their bad example. Hieronymus Bosch’s popular painting “Der Taschenspieler” shows fraud and robbery, yet in this assortment of provocative pictures it seems rather tame. However, naughty art posters by Posterlounge definitely serve as a perky eye-catcher and a point of conversation.