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Water landscapes: Art prints and art poster at

Water. Water is absolutely essential for life on our planet. Most bodies – humans, animals, plants – consist to a very high percentage of water. We all need it. There would be no life possible on this planet without water. For the survival we do need water far more than we do need nourishment. It may not be very nice to be short of nourishment – but to have to be without water will kill a person, an animal or most of the plants in a very short time. Apart from the importance for life on this plant water can become very dangerous when there is too much of it – floods for instance can ruin whole existences, can take lives, can destroy landscapes. But of course water can be a landscape all in itself. It can be of a breathtaking beauty. Many a picture exists with a motive of water, showing its´ manifold ways of appearance. It can be docile and soothing as well as wild. At Posterlounge there exists a great variety of art prints and art posters dealing with water.

Water in the world of art at Posterlounge

Water has always been, and still is, a very important motive of all kinds of arts. It has been the inspiring well for Georg Friedrich Handel’s “Water music”, it shows its´ strength in Antonio Vivaldi’s “L´estate”, the “summer” in his popular work “The four seasons”. Water “flows” through poems and it plays an important rôle throughout literature – as a river of great importance, as a small rivulet, a pond, a lake, of course the sea in all its´ magnificence. And the number of pictures having “water” as a motive must be tremendous; offers a wide variety of art prints and art posters from which all kinds of motives can be chosen according to the very personal choice: either classical, fanciful, imaginative, peaceful, disturbing, exciting. There is at least one picture for every mood, any person, any room that deserves a decoration with one of nature´s most elementary elements. No one who ever watched a thunderstorm in its´ sheer force will ever be able to forget the impact it can have on one´s mind and imagination, as well as on the emotions. It is impossible to escape from this. We need water. It can make us feel frightened. And it can charm us to the utmost. offers a mural for at least any one.

The very magic of water: art prints and art poster at Posterlounge

How very soothing a walk through the gently falling rain on a warm summer´s day can be! To have a picture with a corresponding motive so the feeling can be re-lived! The soft feeling of small droplets stroking our cheeks ... Almost without our will pictures come up like those of Claude Manet, the “Lake with water lilies”, all gentleness, soft colours, everything hidden behind a very soft veil of rain and mist. There are different pictures offering very desirable motives for murals; - pictures presenting quite a different mood, presented as well in very different styles. Caspar David Friedrich, the artist famous for his paintings of subtleness, of darkness, of mystery, of loneliness. John Constable´s “Mill at Gillingham” expels quite another impression – water as a relieve for a man´s hard work; and a wonderful sight at the same time. At there are great art prints and art poster to be found: peaceful, colourful, some disturbing, some soothing, some simply of breathtaking beauty, glowing with the strength of the artist´s imagination. There is for example “Swan lake”, a composition of silvery-white and shades of blue; showing a night and its´ colours beauty in a very impressing way. “Free spirit” – a white horse, mane and tail flowing, created seemingly by ocean and beach, of sunset and it´s own lust for life itself. A treasure to find at Posterlounge.